Friday, June 8, 2012

happy 5th anniversary!

Wow, it has been so long since I post anything here. Malas :) Nways, since today is a special day, would be better to write something here for this special occasion. Today is our 5th year anniversary! If campur years of knowing each other 12 years in total. Lama..but still ada je benda baru for us from time to time. Good or bad..tapi ok la, we deal with it like grown-ups (sometimes tak jugak :P) but still boleh la. Every relationship mesti ada ups and downs and if we are down, we try not to show to the kids. Whatever it is, kids are top priority, for me at least. You cannot have a perfect relationship kan so adat la kalau kejap2 ok, kejap2 gaduh yang penting at the end of the day semua nya OK.

I still remember 5 years ago and it was on a Friday too, my mom drove me and my cousins and sister to Dewan Perdana early morning so we can beat the traffic and ready for the solemnization which was held in the morning. Berangkut la kami beramai², bawak baju, bag and whatnots to DP sebab berkampung kat situ satu hari. Reception was at night. Then satu hari duduk kat DP, makan, rest, mandi..semua la. Masa nak put on baju reception, designer tuh siap tanya..I kuruskan badan lagi ke sebab corset tuh cam loose (oh sekarang tidak lagi..huhuh) and it was raining heavily that evening on a Friday and it was in KL. Despite all that DP was still on full house. Macam baru je lagi rasa..and can’t believe that it was 5 yrs ago dan ada 2 anak dah sekarang. Alhamdulillah.

Anyways, we celebrated it early last weekend. Tak la celebrate sangat sebab ada budak kecik sorang but I really enjoyed being with the loved ones and do nothing but relax. It was fun walaupon ada la rasa rindu² sebab yang kecik still too small to bring but hey, mommy needs to getaway too kan? So if you are reading this dear husband, you know that I love you so much though sometimes I can be mean and also ignorance but that’s just a way to show the rebellious side of me (that's the best time nak pujuk you know..isshh..kena ajar sbb kalau tak mmg this husband of mine buat tak faham je). Sometimes you are too busy with your ‘me’ time so perhaps after this you can change a bit ke..other than that, semua ok. Let's grow old together love :)

my left hand looks weird here..macam separated from the body


dot said...

Happy anniversary babe. You guys look so cute and happy together. And the boys too. Wishing you a happy ever after. Amin.

raF|za said...

thanks zarina dear! *amin* u and leman too..loving² sangat. wish u the guys the best too :)