Saturday, June 30, 2012

futsal day

Believe it or not I spent like 4 hours dekat futsal court just to accompany/watch hubby main futsal in a tournament organised by his comp. Mika la ni nak sangat tengok daddy main, if I tak follow siapa nak jaga budak kecik ni pulak kan.

 tak main tapi peluh kalah orang main
daddy tengah ambil team photo kat court

Match start tengahari then after one game, I ajak Mika lunch dulu sebab ada lagi 2 game and will not be anytime soon. Nasib area familiar which is at Sunway. So pergi SS15 and had lunch there. I cam jarang kot keluar makan with Mika..just the two of us. Boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali je. Then if keluar with hubby around, selalu hubby yang take care of Mika. Ada la take turn tapi mostly memang hubby buat so mommy boleh relax :P
Done with that pergi balik the place and hubby ada lagi 1 more game to complete. Just nice. The last game macam..ganas betul opponent side ni main. Aggressive. I tengok pon jadi emo. Tapi dah tournament adat la gaduh, menang dan kalah.
Later in the evening rasa nak bawak Aariq keluar but not to shopping mall just somewhere near..ambil angin. Off we went to one of the restaurants in PH. Kata nak dekat kan..I didn’t feel like eating there so I tahpau mine while hubby ate there. Nothing much to update on Saturday but glad I spent it with the loved ones :)

 with second baby
 mika makan biskut, mulut comot
with the third baby

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