Sunday, June 3, 2012

fourth day - HR hotel

On the fourth day, we checked-out from Bayview then headed to Penang Hill. I dah pernah naik last time but saja nak bawak Mika jalan. Guess what..jam teruk sangat. Dah sampai situ, orang punya la ramai..isshhh..what do you expect kan..cuti sekolah and on weekend. Really bad timing. Pusing punya pusing tak jadi la pergi so we headed to Gurney Mall instead. I think now ada nama baru..tak ingat.

After that, headed to Batu Feringghi and finally dapat gaks overnight at H.a.r.d R.o.c.k Hotel but it was not a good experience though with the check-in process. Sampai at 3pm and we have to wait like 2 hours for our room with reason ntah apa², I think ada confusion with the records and all. Not just us but to all who happened to check-in that day. So they asked us to wait at the cafĂ© and gave us complimentary food and drinks. We were told that the room will be ready in half an hour or forty-five minutes max but 5pm baru dapat bilik. Takde pon cakap boleh late check-out ke apa for compensation but just bagi rebate on F&B. Ada one guy kept repeating “I want my room” and the guy just cakap that sentence on repeat when receptionist tanya dia questions. Super pissed off la tu. Maybe not our lucky day la but I would expect more sebab the rate is not that cheap pon. Hotel yang biasa² pon can provide better service kot. Ramai orang sangat that day..I don't think I'm going to stay here again if I happen to be in Penang..cari hotel dekat town sikit baru best.

at the cafe..waiting
 before anything, took photo here first

Sigh..masuk bilik rest kejap then sebab it’s located at Batu Ferengghi, takde ada pon sangat here. If dengan hubby alone boleh la tengok live performance but ada budak kecik ni yang by 9pm mesti dah sleepy..susah la. The live performance is actually broadcasted to the in-house channel so if tak dapat feel the real one, can just switch on the TV which we did just that :) Way to go la..I rasa by the fourth day macam dah letih sangat nak pack unpack and feeling nak balik rumah tu sangat tebal. Rindu Aariqqqqqqq..huhuh

ni dekat lift area..waiting for the lift
if you notice, mika was on two different clothes
baju orange before dinner then the green one when we decide to go down again
to check out the hotel

ni live band at the lobby..full house kalau tak boleh duduk

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