Saturday, June 30, 2012

futsal day

Believe it or not I spent like 4 hours dekat futsal court just to accompany/watch hubby main futsal in a tournament organised by his comp. Mika la ni nak sangat tengok daddy main, if I tak follow siapa nak jaga budak kecik ni pulak kan.

 tak main tapi peluh kalah orang main
daddy tengah ambil team photo kat court

Match start tengahari then after one game, I ajak Mika lunch dulu sebab ada lagi 2 game and will not be anytime soon. Nasib area familiar which is at Sunway. So pergi SS15 and had lunch there. I cam jarang kot keluar makan with Mika..just the two of us. Boleh kira dengan jari berapa kali je. Then if keluar with hubby around, selalu hubby yang take care of Mika. Ada la take turn tapi mostly memang hubby buat so mommy boleh relax :P
Done with that pergi balik the place and hubby ada lagi 1 more game to complete. Just nice. The last game macam..ganas betul opponent side ni main. Aggressive. I tengok pon jadi emo. Tapi dah tournament adat la gaduh, menang dan kalah.
Later in the evening rasa nak bawak Aariq keluar but not to shopping mall just somewhere near..ambil angin. Off we went to one of the restaurants in PH. Kata nak dekat kan..I didn’t feel like eating there so I tahpau mine while hubby ate there. Nothing much to update on Saturday but glad I spent it with the loved ones :)

 with second baby
 mika makan biskut, mulut comot
with the third baby

Friday, June 29, 2012

i like to move it, move it

Left work early sebab ada date with hubby & Mika. Bringing him to watch Madagascar 3 (i've been staying back for quite number of days already so few minutes off won't do harm..say my boss). Hubby hantar pagi tadi so petang pon dia fetch sebab nak tengok movie dekat Alamanda simply because I don’t have to rush back. I must say for a cartoon, Madagascar 3 got my two thumbs up. Funny dan orang besar memang lebih² gelak dari kids. Mika as usual, voice still tak boleh control then dia asyik la nak gerak sana sini. Didn’t go elsewhere after that but just for dinner. Hubby brought us this one Malay-Thai restaurant somewhere in Puchong sebab dia cakap food dia sedap. Order 4 dishes..kerapu (ke siakap eh?) tiga rasa, baby kailan ikan masin, ayam gajus dan telur bistik. Sayur dan telur tak habis, so tahpau balik. Sampai rumah budak kecik masih tak tidur..masih sempat bergolek² then by 9 semua pon dah tidur..the kids I mean. Movie night again that night tapi I seorang je yang tengok sebab hubby dah tidur dulu but I suruh dia teman gaks..sebab cerita cam terperanjat² “Underworld – Awakening” and you know what..I stayed up just to watch this biasa² je but because of him terus macam nak tengok sampai habis. Boleh pulak mata tak ngantuk langsung. Vampire mesti ke kena cute huh? Oh not talking bout R P.a.ttinson here sebab tak minat :P Go google Theo James or that Salvatore brothers from Vampire Diaries ke :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

just me and you baby

Hey it's Wednesday today. Busy sangat the past two days with issues and whatnots and yesterday memang horror la. Well, let's not talk about it here. Hanya mereka² yang terlibat saja yang tahu pasal ni. Last weekend was not a productive one. I spent most of the time dekat rumah je. Saturday terlebih rajin, masak for lunch and dinner then I buat chicken stock for Aariq. Lama betul masak..3 jam kot sampai daging, vege all hancur. Looks delicious too.

Sunday I tak follow hubby and Mika keluar pon. They went and watched Brave..just the two of them. Reason being sbb cartoon and also sebab I nak spend time with my other baby. Kesian, asyik kena tinggal je kan. So bonding time la that morning till noon while bibik kemas rumah and all. In the evening pergi BM to meet the in-laws and later dropped by dekat Nilai 3 to get this comfy but cheap mattress..ala..letak kat dpn TV and in the room for the boys to golek²/nap.

 finally asleep lepas golek sana sini
 oohhh..abang is not here..can ride this
and i'm one happy baby! see my two teeth?

Monday, June 18, 2012

aariq on HIGH.....chair

At 7 months, dia dah stable dan boleh duduk without support. Still on the way to sit on his own but soon :) It's time to put him on the baby chair..first reaction macam happy je..

 ooo..different view
 let's explore
pause to check out abang..bising je 
 now what should i do with all the toys?
 i'm not crying..i'm banging the toy
this is the toy that i was talking about
 and off it goes..(semua toys selamat di baling ke bawah)

Sunday, June 17, 2012

just US and the kids

So it was Father's Day last Sunday huh? We took the opportunity to bring the kids out and yes, just us. Normally without Aariq la kan but kesian pulak asyik kena tinggal jom jalan! Pergi somewhere yg dekat, convenient dan tempat yang senang nak cari barang. Aariq elok je tidur dalam stroller so I sempat buat light shopping. Dapat baju melayu for Aariq..comel je. Baju melayu dah settle for the boys. Daddy and mommy punya je belum. We are going for the color "Turquoise" errr..simply sebab boleh recycle ;) Ada laaaaa for this one event.

Before lunch, I sempat bagi Aariq makan dulu. Ingat dia dah kenyang boleh la duduk diam dalam stroller but takkkk..diam kejap je then nak keluar. So makan dengan laju la we all. Dengan Mika nak main masak², then nak pegang Aariq lagi..challenging. Second time kot we brought Aariq out time dia dah alert with the surrounding and this time no extra hands to help. It wasn't that bad la, still manageable tapi next time if nak pergi makan tempat best² probably he has to stay behind kot..alaa..kesian but bukan selalu kan?

random shots taken by mika

Saturday, June 16, 2012

pre-Father's Day dinner

On last Saturday after breakfast tiba² je hubby cakap "Ada wedding la tengahari ni". Selalu je last minute tapi for this case I actually tak kisah sebab I rajin nak tag along. Hubby cakap tak nak pergi takpe, dia boleh pergi sendiri but sebab venue best, plus lauk kenduri..takkan nak decline kan. Plus I've never been to this place before so bersiap la saya dan Mika. It was held at Puspanitapuri, Dewan Seri Endon Putrajaya and such a lovely place it was. Kalau wedding kat hall sejuk² macam ni memang tak kisah nak pergi.

In the evening dinner at Bumbu Bali, Puchong. Saja family dinner then celebrate Father's Day sekali.


All photos were taken by Mika. That's why he's not captured in any of the photos. Sibuk nak pegang camera but not bad jugak la :P

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

zharief aariq is 7 months old!

I miss to post an entry the day Aariq turns 7 months old which was last Wednesday (gonna backtrack this) Dah 7 bulan dah dia..kejap je kan?

At 7 months:
  • Dah ada 2 gigi kat bawah
  • Dah boleh bergerak dgn laju, commodore style. Dah la dia gerak tangan kiri static..means dia gerak using his right hand/elbow

  • Dah angkat² bum bum..kekadang tengok macam caterpillar tengah jalan
  • In the process to sit..dok senget² kan badan, main lepas² tangan

    • Dah banyak bunyi..he likes to watch things around him..bila dah tengok dia macam bunyi aknowledge sambil kerut² muka
    • Pandai dah tengok TV, cartoon la normally
    • Suka tarik rambut abang, jealous la tuh kot :P Pic bawah ni, kaki saja je letak kat abang dia

    • Masih takut orang! If dia bangun tidur then surrounding tak familiar..nangis la apa lagi
    • Suka barang yang orang lain pegang..abang dia la selalu jadi mangsa..berebut Ipad, berebut toy..bila elok je barang tuh orang tak usik, dia tak nak pulak. Good thing about abang, dia tak marah adik dia or hit him..well at least not for now 
    • Habit before sleep at night, golek² with me and abang. He will move around from one end to one end then manja² dekat abang dia..baring sebelah then suka sangat bila kena kiss/tickle..manja boy of mine

    • Can sit on baby chair..boleh tepuk² tangan or bang toy on the table
    • Able to sit unsupported

    • Dah makan macam² gaks (carrot, broccoli, cauliflower, apple, pear, oat, kiwi, potato, baby's biscuits, anchovies, bayam) but still belum intro chicken/fish to him..maybe towards 8 months kot

    • Able to hold his own bottle but a bit lazy sebab manja ni dengan bibik

    Mostly stuffs his brother could do when he was 7 months old, dia boleh buat dah. Hope he will be able to sit-crawl soon. Mommy doakan the best for you and your brother. Happy 7 months old Ahmad Zharief Aariq!!

    some ppl claim that he looks like me. Well if he is, i'm glad he does :)

    Friday, June 8, 2012

    happy 5th anniversary!

    Wow, it has been so long since I post anything here. Malas :) Nways, since today is a special day, would be better to write something here for this special occasion. Today is our 5th year anniversary! If campur years of knowing each other 12 years in total. Lama..but still ada je benda baru for us from time to time. Good or bad..tapi ok la, we deal with it like grown-ups (sometimes tak jugak :P) but still boleh la. Every relationship mesti ada ups and downs and if we are down, we try not to show to the kids. Whatever it is, kids are top priority, for me at least. You cannot have a perfect relationship kan so adat la kalau kejap2 ok, kejap2 gaduh yang penting at the end of the day semua nya OK.

    I still remember 5 years ago and it was on a Friday too, my mom drove me and my cousins and sister to Dewan Perdana early morning so we can beat the traffic and ready for the solemnization which was held in the morning. Berangkut la kami beramai², bawak baju, bag and whatnots to DP sebab berkampung kat situ satu hari. Reception was at night. Then satu hari duduk kat DP, makan, rest, mandi..semua la. Masa nak put on baju reception, designer tuh siap tanya..I kuruskan badan lagi ke sebab corset tuh cam loose (oh sekarang tidak lagi..huhuh) and it was raining heavily that evening on a Friday and it was in KL. Despite all that DP was still on full house. Macam baru je lagi rasa..and can’t believe that it was 5 yrs ago dan ada 2 anak dah sekarang. Alhamdulillah.

    Anyways, we celebrated it early last weekend. Tak la celebrate sangat sebab ada budak kecik sorang but I really enjoyed being with the loved ones and do nothing but relax. It was fun walaupon ada la rasa rindu² sebab yang kecik still too small to bring but hey, mommy needs to getaway too kan? So if you are reading this dear husband, you know that I love you so much though sometimes I can be mean and also ignorance but that’s just a way to show the rebellious side of me (that's the best time nak pujuk you know..isshh..kena ajar sbb kalau tak mmg this husband of mine buat tak faham je). Sometimes you are too busy with your ‘me’ time so perhaps after this you can change a bit ke..other than that, semua ok. Let's grow old together love :)

    my left hand looks weird here..macam separated from the body

    Sunday, June 3, 2012

    fourth day - HR hotel

    On the fourth day, we checked-out from Bayview then headed to Penang Hill. I dah pernah naik last time but saja nak bawak Mika jalan. Guess what..jam teruk sangat. Dah sampai situ, orang punya la ramai..isshhh..what do you expect kan..cuti sekolah and on weekend. Really bad timing. Pusing punya pusing tak jadi la pergi so we headed to Gurney Mall instead. I think now ada nama baru..tak ingat.

    After that, headed to Batu Feringghi and finally dapat gaks overnight at H.a.r.d R.o.c.k Hotel but it was not a good experience though with the check-in process. Sampai at 3pm and we have to wait like 2 hours for our room with reason ntah apa², I think ada confusion with the records and all. Not just us but to all who happened to check-in that day. So they asked us to wait at the cafĂ© and gave us complimentary food and drinks. We were told that the room will be ready in half an hour or forty-five minutes max but 5pm baru dapat bilik. Takde pon cakap boleh late check-out ke apa for compensation but just bagi rebate on F&B. Ada one guy kept repeating “I want my room” and the guy just cakap that sentence on repeat when receptionist tanya dia questions. Super pissed off la tu. Maybe not our lucky day la but I would expect more sebab the rate is not that cheap pon. Hotel yang biasa² pon can provide better service kot. Ramai orang sangat that day..I don't think I'm going to stay here again if I happen to be in Penang..cari hotel dekat town sikit baru best.

    at the cafe..waiting
     before anything, took photo here first

    Sigh..masuk bilik rest kejap then sebab it’s located at Batu Ferengghi, takde ada pon sangat here. If dengan hubby alone boleh la tengok live performance but ada budak kecik ni yang by 9pm mesti dah sleepy..susah la. The live performance is actually broadcasted to the in-house channel so if tak dapat feel the real one, can just switch on the TV which we did just that :) Way to go la..I rasa by the fourth day macam dah letih sangat nak pack unpack and feeling nak balik rumah tu sangat tebal. Rindu Aariqqqqqqq..huhuh

    ni dekat lift area..waiting for the lift
    if you notice, mika was on two different clothes
    baju orange before dinner then the green one when we decide to go down again
    to check out the hotel

    ni live band at the lobby..full house kalau tak boleh duduk

    Saturday, June 2, 2012

    third day - reception on bride's side

    Today is the reception day at the bride’s side. Check out from hotel terus sebab pengantin berarak after Zohor. I must say ni first time kot experience berarak dengan rombongan lelaki. Dulu kecik² ada lah but lama dah tu. We were greeted by Aimi’s family yang semua nya baik dan friendly. Kat sini takde adat merenjis, so bersanding just nak ambil gambar. Some pics..

     mika muka pelik..tengah gather kat lobby ni..check out time
     makan beradap..sebelah BIL is my MIL
     hantaran from pihak perempuan
     hantaran from pihak lelaki

     sama cantik sama padan
     mika basah macam mandi..suka main dengan kakak sarah
     ok menyelit di the background is my first SIL with her son, Adam

    cantik kan baju aimi? i love the lace..simple and sweet
    from M.a.n K.a.j.a.n.g also
    she was on 4 ke 5 inch heels..tapi tak on heels pon tetap tinggi dari saya
    family photo with the newlyweds

    After the event, we pushed off to Penang. Masa ni Mika berpeluh melekit². Kena air cond ingat dia tidur la..tak pulak. From A.S to Penang..took us about 1 hr drive kot. Then we checked-in to Bayview Hotel, Georgetown. The room is super big..macam takut mula² pon ada sebab dah biasa with HV yang super comfy tuh. Anyways, that is just for one night and free WIFI access too.