Sunday, May 13, 2012

zharief aariq is 6 months old!

This lil boy of mine is 6 months old today, Alhamdulillah! Can officially starts on solid dah. Cepat je..sikit je lagi 1 year old :)

At 6 months old:
  • Interaction yang bagus especially with his abang..suka je main golek² manja². Normally activity before sleep is to put him beside his abang and they both baring sama². Aariq yang excited will move towards his brother then macam manja²..lovely sight :)
  • Boleh baby talk, suka tegur daddy and abang
  • Dah kenal orang dan takut orang! It will take some time for him to get use to new faces..tapi bila nampak bibik amboi excited habis
  • Dah nak start sembur² skill ni kot just before he turns 6 months old
  • Can roll over left and right, never left him unattended..the safest place would be his cot if nak tinggal dan macam dah start angkat bum bum..crawling soon?
  • Favourite..kerut² muka..macam ni..I think I know where he got that from ;)
  • So far sangat well behaved, diam je..or maybe sebab Mika now terlalu aktif..tu yang nampak diam..we'll see in few months time
Happy 6 months old Ahmad Zharief Aariq. 
We love you so much!

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