Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sports event

Mika is lucky as he got the chance to participate in his school's Olympiad which is held every four years..just like the real Olympics and it follows the year too. I calculate..let say la Aariq pon masuk RK, he will get the chance to participate too and that time he'll be 5 yrs old, Mika already 8! mommy will be..let's not talk bout this and lil bro/sis is 2 yrs old..eh eh eh..

The event was held at Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya and we had to be there as early as 7.30am to drop-off the kids as the event will start at 8am. Tapi kena tunggu for VVIP to arrive, so 8.30am baru la nak start.

time ni dah salah gate but we only found out bila dah sampai gate, kena la patah balik

Ok feedback sikit, I'm not sure how many centres participate in this event tapi banyak laa..that morning I notice ada centre from D'sara, Subang, Bukit Jalil, Bukit Tinggi, Kg Tunku..banyak la..and they even have one more session in the evening. Ada 2 main gates to begin with tapi signboard only ada dekat main gates, tak letak awal². So if you dah salah gate, you have to make a big turn to another gate..which happened to us. Then kids were told not to bring cap sebab dlm circular cakap shaded..memang shaded sikit masa tengah line up but the first 4 centres + band tak kena shade..termasuk la PH punya. Imagine kids kena stand panas² tuh and adalah dalam 20 minit..tu pon after 10 mins we the parents suruh teachers tolong bagi kids duduk + air..kesian..tuh je la two things yang slack kat situ. Other than that okay la..standard la sports day at open stadium..panas and all

 the three mascots..i only know the pink one as Real Kids
yg lagi dua maybe Real Kids Tots and Real Kids Plus
tengah line up..4 yrs old (red tag) duduk tengah.
depan 6 yrs old (blue tag), behind 5 yrs old (green tag)
the girl next to Mika comel kan? muka serious je

The event started with Negaraku song..bersemangat budak² ni nyanyi semua. I pon la :) Mika pon I tengok enjoy je..then they march and gather in the middle of the field for opening ceremony speech, sports pledge, 1 Malaysia song, warm up song then bersurai ke tent masing². VVIP adalah Tun Dr. Siti Hasmah..how grand is that? :D 

synchronise je semua movement during warm up session
opening speech by VVIP and sports pledge by student rep from USJ 9

At 9am, first event was for Pre-1 which is the 4 yrs old punya. Theme is 1 Malaysia so all the activities relate to Malaysia. Mika punya is Lion Dance. Kena pakai lion head tu then make way left right ikut kon. By 9.30am his one dah settle.

 first pic - mika leading his friends
second pic - tgh queue up and muka blur sbb tak nak nampak we all
third pic - pre-1 in action
fourth pic - dah habis turn, duduk

with his classmates & teachers..semua pon dapat medal

Towards nak habis tu, cuaca dah mendung which is good la..sejuk sikit. Mika mendung ke tak, macam mandi dah..rambut semua basah. Dah la budak ni tak nak bfast before sport, minum Milo and a bit of bread je..nasib tak pengsan ke apa..

 thirsty, hungry & comot

When we were about to leave, dah start drizzling and I tiba² headache. Panas + hujan + perut kosong kot. Tapi still nak pergi breakfast..so off we went to Darus, Subang. Balik rumah je, terus mandi sebab peluh² semua takkan nak hug Aariq kan..Ingat Mika flat la..I was wrong. Elok je dia lompat sana sini..Eh tak reti penat ke?? Memang the whole day tu dia tak tidur..I yang tengok ni penat. 

First time experience pergi sports day anak memang seronok. Comel tengok the kids, cheer for anak macam anak I sorang je participate..mak sapa la ni..tapi I tengok parents lain pon macam tu gaks :) Can't wait for his next school's activity!

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