Saturday, May 12, 2012

outing with mom&sis

Finally dapat gaks beli baju to wear on BIL's wedding. Supposed to buy only one but then the offer is too good to resist..i bought two. Tapi still kira satu la sebab yang hubby's side, sponsored by MIL, terima kasih! Saturday morning, as usual la, breakfast at mamak with the boys..then balik hubby cakap he got work and I just don't feel like staying at home so I called my mom. Memang by right nak keluar with my sister to go and see the tailor, but the kakak is not available. My mom wanted to go to SACC mall and told her I wanna tag along..Mika pon ikut jugak :) First stop, collect rental fee at Umi's apartment then only to SACC.

Mika boleh pulak tantrum masa I tengah pilih baju but then sebab dia lapar kot. After lunch, he was all jovial and fine. He wanted Big Apple tapi Classic punya for dessert. Time dia tengah okay tuh, I pergi balik to the store to grab another baju. Baju kurung pahang both..I never had one, dulu la satu then tak pernah terfikir nak pakai dah..then try macam kain dia pon best..I got one on best buy then the other one is on half price. How to resist that? Kalau tak discount mahal..sebab this store a bit pricey. If you have been to SACC mall, then probably you are familiar with the store too. Ada branch kat Parade gaks.

It was almost 2 when we reached home. Balik to rest kejap, then at night pergi dinner with the whole celebrate Mother's Day + dinner sebab lama tak dinner :) Will post some pics on that soon

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