Friday, May 4, 2012

movie with the boys

Finally dapat tengok The Avengers. Brought Mika along too. His 3rd trip to the cinema and second time with me around. He has been to MBO with hubby for Shrek end of last yr. Not bad eh? Kecik² dah pergi cinema. Actually didn't plan to bring him but he knows these characters well, especially Iron might as well bagi dia experience tengok TA. Not good sebab he is still small but bukan selalu pon ..maybe twice a year. Hmmm...anyways, TA is superb! Funny and all..I of course adore Thor but at times, I think Hawk Eye is good too ;) The characters blend well with each other. Good job! Mika pon ok la..he managed to sit still till end of the movie though ada la masa² dia dah boring tuh. When Thor was threw out of the capsule and landed on the grass ke apa..this boy of mine pergi cakap "Wah, hebat la Thor!" instantly ppl around us laughed..Mika oh Mika. Thumbs up to TA!

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