Wednesday, May 2, 2012

labour day

Happy post Labour Day! Best cuti on weekdays but one of the cons is, the next day feels like Monday. Dah la nak lunch hujan lebat then kena hujan pulak now sleepy. How did your day go yesterday? I have to say semalam macam super productive day, more productive than if I'm at work :P 

Pagi lagi dah keluar to Mika's ex-nursery to take home his belongings, then we went to PKNS S.Alam to find my baju for BIL's wedding. Banyak sangat choice sampai I tak tau dah nak ambil mana, price not bad too. I tried this one to wear on hubby's side, nampak ok dah but then suddenly hubby said I macam dah ada baju to match with the theme. Yes I know, baju raya tahun lepas tapi tuh size M kot, size pregnant dulu. Bila I try balik dah tak jadi kurung moden..kurung pahang dah. Will ask tailor if boleh alter tapi hati dah suka dekat yang lagi I might go again this weekend to buy that one ;) Anyways, I manage to get one baju for the bride's least dapat la beli something. 

Done with that pergi Parade sebab nak cari baju Mika. Lunch first at Dome tapi service super slow sampai I dengan hubby boleh bawak Mika jalan² before food sampai right up till pay time. We went to Parkson but cannot find anything for Mika dan dalam panas² tu, we all jalan to Empire sebab I know this one shop ada jual baju one suit..Mika telah di-request untuk pakai baju yang ala² one suit to accompany the bride and groom..nak pakai coat mmg tak la sebab wedding will be held at home, tengahari + vest cukup. Dah la my son ni kuat berpeluh..with the long shirt and whatnot, I think after that dah kena change to baju lain. Baju tuh muat² je sebab no other choice dah. Let's hope Mika tak grow so fast..about 5 more weeks to event. 

we had to park at the outdoor parking sebab car park full! 
first time park jauh pergi Parade
this boy suka la dapat pergi Toys R Us lagi
but we told him cannot buy anything dah

By the time sampai rumah almost 4pm. Golek² with Aariq, fed Mika rice and at 6pm we went to Giant sebab nak beli some stuffs. Public holiday memang ramai orang tak duduk rumah kan..including yours truly so parking adalah susah even at Giant! We then went to dinner dan dari panas terik tuh tiba² gelap dan hujan lebat. Best tidur that night :)

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