Thursday, May 31, 2012

first day - trip to North

This is like super backdated entry but again..biar la :) Again, I will back track the date for my easier reference. End of last month, we went up to North, Alor Star to be exact for my bro-in-law's solomenization and reception on the bride's side. Sebab long journey dan macam tak tahu condition kat sana macam mana, I've been advised to leave Aariq behind, hubby agreed too. Memang berat hati but for his own good plus we planned to go to Penang after that.

 taken in the morning..aariq kacau abang eh
i didn't do anything wasn't me

Left PH with a heavy heart, siap buat bekal untuk Aariq bila I away. Senang, then mom/maid can just heat up and feed him. I labelled the container by day dan dalam tuh ada 2 different porridge for lunch and dinner.

Plan nak gerak after Zohor but dilly dally pukul 4 baru gerak. Tuh pon lepas hantar Aariq, lunch then patah balik rumah sebab tertinggal barang. Bag dah penuh pon boleh tertinggal barang lagi.

 they are going to leave me..
sending aariq to Tok Mi's

It was raining on the way there but luckily jalan tak jam/teruk sgt. Mika slept on the way which is good sebab he was so excited, tak duduk diam.

i siap bawak comforter + pillows for Mika nak baring..
memang penuh dia je kat belakang ni

Then we made a stop at one of the R&R..haha I lupa nama. Only Mika ate..he walloped a whole pack of nasi lemak. After Maghrib, we then continue our journey to Alor Star. Jauh jugak lama betul dalam kereta. Finally about 9 ish kot we all sampai. Checked in to Holiday Villa and we spent two nights there. Oh, McD is just next door so we had supper and Mika makan 6 pieces of nuggets dan tidur super lambat, almost midnight sebab excited punya pasal. Siap cakap nak mandi malam² dlm tub..which is memang tak la kan. Sejuk! We had a king size bed so it was super comfy with three of us on the bed.

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