Thursday, May 31, 2012

first day - trip to North

This is like super backdated entry but again..biar la :) Again, I will back track the date for my easier reference. End of last month, we went up to North, Alor Star to be exact for my bro-in-law's solomenization and reception on the bride's side. Sebab long journey dan macam tak tahu condition kat sana macam mana, I've been advised to leave Aariq behind, hubby agreed too. Memang berat hati but for his own good plus we planned to go to Penang after that.

 taken in the morning..aariq kacau abang eh
i didn't do anything wasn't me

Left PH with a heavy heart, siap buat bekal untuk Aariq bila I away. Senang, then mom/maid can just heat up and feed him. I labelled the container by day dan dalam tuh ada 2 different porridge for lunch and dinner.

Plan nak gerak after Zohor but dilly dally pukul 4 baru gerak. Tuh pon lepas hantar Aariq, lunch then patah balik rumah sebab tertinggal barang. Bag dah penuh pon boleh tertinggal barang lagi.

 they are going to leave me..
sending aariq to Tok Mi's

It was raining on the way there but luckily jalan tak jam/teruk sgt. Mika slept on the way which is good sebab he was so excited, tak duduk diam.

i siap bawak comforter + pillows for Mika nak baring..
memang penuh dia je kat belakang ni

Then we made a stop at one of the R&R..haha I lupa nama. Only Mika ate..he walloped a whole pack of nasi lemak. After Maghrib, we then continue our journey to Alor Star. Jauh jugak lama betul dalam kereta. Finally about 9 ish kot we all sampai. Checked in to Holiday Villa and we spent two nights there. Oh, McD is just next door so we had supper and Mika makan 6 pieces of nuggets dan tidur super lambat, almost midnight sebab excited punya pasal. Siap cakap nak mandi malam² dlm tub..which is memang tak la kan. Sejuk! We had a king size bed so it was super comfy with three of us on the bed.

Monday, May 14, 2012

just the way i like it

How was your weekend? Yesterday was fun! Awal pagi sudah berada di Pyramid..saja bawak the kids jalan. Jarang bawak Aariq keluar, so bila bawak macam awkward pulak. Nways, shopped for the kids' clothes and we left Pyramid by 12 noon. Kejap je sebab nak catch Aariq's meal time also before Mika mengamuk sebab lapar.

 mula-mula ok lagi posing
 start dah nak ambil toy adik
dah tak duduk diammmm..

We then headed to mom's. My grandma, aunt and cousins dropped by for lunch. Umi masak ayam masak lemak, sup sayur, ikan goreng. For tea we had lemang+rendang, karipap, lepat pisang, lepat ubi dan apam balik. Kuih beli je :) Bila dah ramai semua pon jadi sedap. We had a great 'duts-mommies-children-boding-time' sesuai la dengan tema Mother's Day. My cousins la ni tanya siapa boleh touch kaki bila duduk melunjur..ala macam masa school dulu..tengok² only my mom, aunt dan Mika je boleh buat. We all ni semua tak boleh buat. Even bila diri pon tak boleh nak touch kaki..macam-macam cara la try. Sungguh tak flexible..hahah so funny. Yang best nya, our moms can :) comel je mereka ni. I love it when we duts gather..ada je benda yang kelakar terjadi. Aariq pulak org ramai² dia takut la sbb tak kenal..warm up kena lama sikit but slowly dia..huhuh. Funny sebab dia stare lama dulu, digest, download..tak register then baru dia nangis..apa funny

Hubby balik dulu, I stay with the kids till 5pm. While we were they, Mika spend some time dengan Tok Bah..pukul bola. Berpeluh² budak ni..tak reti duduk diam dan tak tahu penat.

bersemangat betul
 aariq duduk dalam rumah je
sila ignore aunty Zira kat background tuh
 tummy siapa paling besar..angkat tangan!

Petang buat grocery shopping and I must say Hero macam menarik dan murah je. Just kena avoid Sunday petang kot sebab banyak orang² asing :) It was already 7pm bila sampai rumah, mandikan Mika yang masam, then golek² with the kids on the bed. Hubby got meeting at 8pm sampai 3 something kot..lama tuh. Kesian dia. Only got to sleep at 4am. Sunday was well spent with family..just the way I like it :)

Sunday, May 13, 2012

selamat hari ibu :)

Happy Mother's Day... 
(disclaimer: no intention to follow adat budaya religion lain..just a small wish je)

To my mom..words can never describe how much you mean to me. You are always there when I need you..thanks for EVERYTHING and i mean EVERYTHING!! Now that I'm a mom, I could easily understand you and no matter what happens, our children is always on the top of our lists. 

To all the mommies & mommies-to-be out should be proud of yourselves. Being a mommy is not as easy as ABC 123..and I should have mentioned that we mommies ROCK! Like totally :)

these two complete me..
of course the daddy too :)

zharief aariq is 6 months old!

This lil boy of mine is 6 months old today, Alhamdulillah! Can officially starts on solid dah. Cepat je..sikit je lagi 1 year old :)

At 6 months old:
  • Interaction yang bagus especially with his abang..suka je main golek² manja². Normally activity before sleep is to put him beside his abang and they both baring sama². Aariq yang excited will move towards his brother then macam manja²..lovely sight :)
  • Boleh baby talk, suka tegur daddy and abang
  • Dah kenal orang dan takut orang! It will take some time for him to get use to new faces..tapi bila nampak bibik amboi excited habis
  • Dah nak start sembur² skill ni kot just before he turns 6 months old
  • Can roll over left and right, never left him unattended..the safest place would be his cot if nak tinggal dan macam dah start angkat bum bum..crawling soon?
  • Favourite..kerut² muka..macam ni..I think I know where he got that from ;)
  • So far sangat well behaved, diam je..or maybe sebab Mika now terlalu aktif..tu yang nampak diam..we'll see in few months time
Happy 6 months old Ahmad Zharief Aariq. 
We love you so much!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

outing with mom&sis

Finally dapat gaks beli baju to wear on BIL's wedding. Supposed to buy only one but then the offer is too good to resist..i bought two. Tapi still kira satu la sebab yang hubby's side, sponsored by MIL, terima kasih! Saturday morning, as usual la, breakfast at mamak with the boys..then balik hubby cakap he got work and I just don't feel like staying at home so I called my mom. Memang by right nak keluar with my sister to go and see the tailor, but the kakak is not available. My mom wanted to go to SACC mall and told her I wanna tag along..Mika pon ikut jugak :) First stop, collect rental fee at Umi's apartment then only to SACC.

Mika boleh pulak tantrum masa I tengah pilih baju but then sebab dia lapar kot. After lunch, he was all jovial and fine. He wanted Big Apple tapi Classic punya for dessert. Time dia tengah okay tuh, I pergi balik to the store to grab another baju. Baju kurung pahang both..I never had one, dulu la satu then tak pernah terfikir nak pakai dah..then try macam kain dia pon best..I got one on best buy then the other one is on half price. How to resist that? Kalau tak discount mahal..sebab this store a bit pricey. If you have been to SACC mall, then probably you are familiar with the store too. Ada branch kat Parade gaks.

It was almost 2 when we reached home. Balik to rest kejap, then at night pergi dinner with the whole celebrate Mother's Day + dinner sebab lama tak dinner :) Will post some pics on that soon

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Bersemangat semalam upload video sports Mika. Well..tak dapat sgt focus dekat Mika but can do la..nanti² dia besar boleh tengok dan ingat :) here you go..

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

sports event

Mika is lucky as he got the chance to participate in his school's Olympiad which is held every four years..just like the real Olympics and it follows the year too. I calculate..let say la Aariq pon masuk RK, he will get the chance to participate too and that time he'll be 5 yrs old, Mika already 8! mommy will be..let's not talk bout this and lil bro/sis is 2 yrs eh eh..

The event was held at Stadium MBPJ, Kelana Jaya and we had to be there as early as 7.30am to drop-off the kids as the event will start at 8am. Tapi kena tunggu for VVIP to arrive, so 8.30am baru la nak start.

time ni dah salah gate but we only found out bila dah sampai gate, kena la patah balik

Ok feedback sikit, I'm not sure how many centres participate in this event tapi banyak laa..that morning I notice ada centre from D'sara, Subang, Bukit Jalil, Bukit Tinggi, Kg Tunku..banyak la..and they even have one more session in the evening. Ada 2 main gates to begin with tapi signboard only ada dekat main gates, tak letak awal². So if you dah salah gate, you have to make a big turn to another gate..which happened to us. Then kids were told not to bring cap sebab dlm circular cakap shaded..memang shaded sikit masa tengah line up but the first 4 centres + band tak kena shade..termasuk la PH punya. Imagine kids kena stand panas² tuh and adalah dalam 20 minit..tu pon after 10 mins we the parents suruh teachers tolong bagi kids duduk + air..kesian..tuh je la two things yang slack kat situ. Other than that okay la..standard la sports day at open stadium..panas and all

 the three mascots..i only know the pink one as Real Kids
yg lagi dua maybe Real Kids Tots and Real Kids Plus
tengah line up..4 yrs old (red tag) duduk tengah.
depan 6 yrs old (blue tag), behind 5 yrs old (green tag)
the girl next to Mika comel kan? muka serious je

The event started with Negaraku song..bersemangat budak² ni nyanyi semua. I pon la :) Mika pon I tengok enjoy je..then they march and gather in the middle of the field for opening ceremony speech, sports pledge, 1 Malaysia song, warm up song then bersurai ke tent masing². VVIP adalah Tun Dr. Siti grand is that? :D 

synchronise je semua movement during warm up session
opening speech by VVIP and sports pledge by student rep from USJ 9

At 9am, first event was for Pre-1 which is the 4 yrs old punya. Theme is 1 Malaysia so all the activities relate to Malaysia. Mika punya is Lion Dance. Kena pakai lion head tu then make way left right ikut kon. By 9.30am his one dah settle.

 first pic - mika leading his friends
second pic - tgh queue up and muka blur sbb tak nak nampak we all
third pic - pre-1 in action
fourth pic - dah habis turn, duduk

with his classmates & teachers..semua pon dapat medal

Towards nak habis tu, cuaca dah mendung which is good la..sejuk sikit. Mika mendung ke tak, macam mandi dah..rambut semua basah. Dah la budak ni tak nak bfast before sport, minum Milo and a bit of bread je..nasib tak pengsan ke apa..

 thirsty, hungry & comot

When we were about to leave, dah start drizzling and I tiba² headache. Panas + hujan + perut kosong kot. Tapi still nak pergi off we went to Darus, Subang. Balik rumah je, terus mandi sebab peluh² semua takkan nak hug Aariq kan..Ingat Mika flat la..I was wrong. Elok je dia lompat sana sini..Eh tak reti penat ke?? Memang the whole day tu dia tak tidur..I yang tengok ni penat. 

First time experience pergi sports day anak memang seronok. Comel tengok the kids, cheer for anak macam anak I sorang je participate..mak sapa la ni..tapi I tengok parents lain pon macam tu gaks :) Can't wait for his next school's activity!

Monday, May 7, 2012

aariq's first homemade porridge

Last Saturday buat porridge for Aariq. For 3 days stock. At 5 months 3 weeks, dia baru start nak makan porridge. So for start, buat carrot + cauliflower. Aariq makan few suap, ok la sebab from what I read, at this age 2 - 3 spoon bites dah cukup. This Avent Steamer & Blender is so useful. Senang je kerja tak payah nak transfer from pot to blender. Worth every penny :)

steaming in progress
dah steam, turn it upside down to blend
the outcome

Last night I buat porridge + brocolli so can alternate la between those two. Next to try porridge + far only one item at time..just hari tu i bagi carrot + cauliflower sebab dah pernah bagi puree carrot. Kecik² ni la kena bagi makan banyak sayur :)

Saturday, May 5, 2012

brotherly love

Terpisah pulak mereka ini. Kalau letak kat luar, takut Mika tak nampak adik to be safe, Aariq duduk diam dalam playpen.

jari tembam bertemu tembam
as long tak lapar & sleepy..aariq ok je

Friday, May 4, 2012

movie with the boys

Finally dapat tengok The Avengers. Brought Mika along too. His 3rd trip to the cinema and second time with me around. He has been to MBO with hubby for Shrek end of last yr. Not bad eh? Kecik² dah pergi cinema. Actually didn't plan to bring him but he knows these characters well, especially Iron might as well bagi dia experience tengok TA. Not good sebab he is still small but bukan selalu pon ..maybe twice a year. Hmmm...anyways, TA is superb! Funny and all..I of course adore Thor but at times, I think Hawk Eye is good too ;) The characters blend well with each other. Good job! Mika pon ok la..he managed to sit still till end of the movie though ada la masa² dia dah boring tuh. When Thor was threw out of the capsule and landed on the grass ke apa..this boy of mine pergi cakap "Wah, hebat la Thor!" instantly ppl around us laughed..Mika oh Mika. Thumbs up to TA!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

kesian nyaaaaa

Kesian Mika..balik school bersemangat mandi semua then nak makan, tengok sambal ayam penyet terkena ayam. Bibik cakap dia makan sambil nangis² sebab pedas. Makan pon sikit je. My son memang fav dia ayam penyet. Hubby bought it yesterday so he can have it for lunch today. I dengar bibik cerita terus rasa alahai..kesiannya :( So I call my mom mengadu nasib then my mom yang lebih kurang panic macam I (mak² memang begini) :P of course tak sedap hati kan bila dengar, terus ke rumah, fetch Mika and fed him lunch. Mika semestinya happy Tok Mi dia bawak dia balik rumah. Again, my mom is the savior. Memang bersyukur sangat rumah dekat, boleh tengok² kan the kids sikit. I love you Umi!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

labour day

Happy post Labour Day! Best cuti on weekdays but one of the cons is, the next day feels like Monday. Dah la nak lunch hujan lebat then kena hujan pulak now sleepy. How did your day go yesterday? I have to say semalam macam super productive day, more productive than if I'm at work :P 

Pagi lagi dah keluar to Mika's ex-nursery to take home his belongings, then we went to PKNS S.Alam to find my baju for BIL's wedding. Banyak sangat choice sampai I tak tau dah nak ambil mana, price not bad too. I tried this one to wear on hubby's side, nampak ok dah but then suddenly hubby said I macam dah ada baju to match with the theme. Yes I know, baju raya tahun lepas tapi tuh size M kot, size pregnant dulu. Bila I try balik dah tak jadi kurung moden..kurung pahang dah. Will ask tailor if boleh alter tapi hati dah suka dekat yang lagi I might go again this weekend to buy that one ;) Anyways, I manage to get one baju for the bride's least dapat la beli something. 

Done with that pergi Parade sebab nak cari baju Mika. Lunch first at Dome tapi service super slow sampai I dengan hubby boleh bawak Mika jalan² before food sampai right up till pay time. We went to Parkson but cannot find anything for Mika dan dalam panas² tu, we all jalan to Empire sebab I know this one shop ada jual baju one suit..Mika telah di-request untuk pakai baju yang ala² one suit to accompany the bride and groom..nak pakai coat mmg tak la sebab wedding will be held at home, tengahari + vest cukup. Dah la my son ni kuat berpeluh..with the long shirt and whatnot, I think after that dah kena change to baju lain. Baju tuh muat² je sebab no other choice dah. Let's hope Mika tak grow so fast..about 5 more weeks to event. 

we had to park at the outdoor parking sebab car park full! 
first time park jauh pergi Parade
this boy suka la dapat pergi Toys R Us lagi
but we told him cannot buy anything dah

By the time sampai rumah almost 4pm. Golek² with Aariq, fed Mika rice and at 6pm we went to Giant sebab nak beli some stuffs. Public holiday memang ramai orang tak duduk rumah kan..including yours truly so parking adalah susah even at Giant! We then went to dinner dan dari panas terik tuh tiba² gelap dan hujan lebat. Best tidur that night :)