Thursday, April 19, 2012

what a day!

Hello. Yesterday was such a depressing and not to mention tiring day. Meetings non-stop from morning till lunch time then followed by another meeting after lunch. Meetings sebenarnya ok je coz I got to meet and greet these lovely bunch of people we work with from Aussie & NZ. The not so fun part was bila dapat phone call again from teacher Mika and inform me that Mika still refuse to get into the van and cried when he was asked to. Nursery pon tak nak pergi. Apa a super paranoid mom I panic la. My dear girlfriend is concern enough to ask bout my entry yesterday and I'm so glad to find out that I'm not the only one yang cepat panic. I guess mothers memang cepat panic kot. Thanks E for your concern :) Cuba pass kat husband, relax memanjang (my husband la, not sure orang lain punya). Maybe I should ask the teacher to call my husband pulak kot lepas ni. With that, I wasted a full plate of my vege meal sebab sempat makan 3 suap je, lepas tu no mood dah.

I asked the teacher's help to send Mika to my mom's. She doesn't mind to do so. A really kind-hearted and caring lady there. Left the office an hour early and mom said Mika only ate bread and he did not want to sleep at all and even asked my mom not to touch his baby brother so that he could get full attention. I sedar dia cepat sensitif since the arrival of his baby brother. Dia tak buat Aariq tapi more like protest, tantrum etc.

Otw back drop by at the nursery to take his bag and talk to the bbsitters. Knowing them, I know that they do care about Mika and if possible they do not want Mika to stop from the nursery. Dah sampai elok pulak Mika duduk on his Tok Mama's lap and even played with his friends. Sigh..dilemma. Like I've mentioned, Mika needs to adapt to stay at home so maybe we will try first. In case things don't work out the way we want to, he could just go back to the nursery. I think the main problem here is the transport so I called the van driver later at night and requested for Mika to sit in front next to her and send to my house instead to the nursery. Ok pulak dia eventhough at first dia tak nak naik but once dah naik he's ok. We really need to work out a plan. My mom pon not everyday she's available and I do not want to burden her plus I want Mika to get use to the maid. Ok later, meeting now.

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