Saturday, April 21, 2012

of my saturday

Saturday morning Mika and I pergi bfast with my parents and sister at this one restaurant we all selalu pergi at PH. My mom sort of kenal the owner and usually working days I breakfast dekat sini with hubby. Hubby as usual pergi his weekly bola training/match or whatever you want to call it :P

Later in the evening, we went to check out this shop sebab nak beli this's actually an online shop but it has a physical store at Mahkota Cheras. Jauh tuh pergi but luck was not on our side, dah out of stock. I call yesterday and the item was still available. Nak tunggu restock sampai..tak tahu bila. So far, this shop yang paling murah la. My bad for not calling earlier that day too.

Sebab Aariq will start on solid end of next week, I think this will be a good buy. It's a combined blender and steamer from Philips Avent. Macam hebat..steam then blend terus then terus feed. Sesuai la for mak² mcm saya ni. Also will be useful for the maid sebab she can do herself too, cuma kena la ajar how to use.

No luck that day so we headed to Ampang Park. Terasa nak makan kat situ.  Cozy Corner la mana lagi :) I managed to grab two pair of shoes too there sebab this shop shoes dia  memang best dan ada quality. Hubby then made a quick stop at Digital Mall, PJ to get a pair of new headsets. By the time we were done with the outing, dah almost 7pm. Kesian Aariq kena tinggal.

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