Saturday, April 28, 2012

nak keluar pon tak boleh

We did not go out at all today. OK tipu..ada la but around PH je. The family together with my aunt and cousins left for Vietnam this morning..berholiday..isshh jealous! Ni kali ke berapa kena tinggal tak dapat join family day office my dad. Actually company trip tapi lagi meriah sebab ada family members join. My eldest cousin tak dapat follow so after she sent them to the airport, dia ajak breakfast. Went to nearby mamak je. Balik from bfast, drop by Giant to get some stuffs. Sampai rumah I try the new Avent Steamer & Blender. Memang berguna betul. Senang kerja. Aariq dah start makan today. I gave him nestum mix with his milk for start. Later in the evening, bagi dia carrot puree tapi dia tak suka pulak..huhuh

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