Monday, April 23, 2012

monday blues

When we sent Mika this morning, he was still crying tak nak turun from car. Last Friday first time kena paksa keluar kereta but I wasn't there. During weekend memang dia keep repeating la "Mika tak nak Monday pergi school" memang on repeat like for million times kot. Pity him but he has to sebab if duduk rumah tak belajar apa. Memang kena banyak sabar and part ni la I macam kena tegas. I hope that this is just a phase and soon he will come out of this. Tak best la nak drop dia dekat school then dia nangis². The teacher on the other hand, selalu update me on his progress which is good. She said to give him time and don't stop from sending him to school. If we do that, nanti dia biasa semua nak ikut cakap dia. Well...we'll see how. Mikhail Haris, please be a good and strong boy. Jangan buat mommy susah hati ok?

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