Sunday, April 29, 2012

just the way i like it

Didn't go out at all in the morning. Lazing around with the two boys sometimes three on the bed :P Introduce apple puree today to Aariq, nampak dia macam suka. 

 apa ni Mommy?

Later in the evening pergi Empire sebab ada budak kecik tuh nak pergi Toys R Us. We went to IOI at first then parking macam full, then detour to Pyramid..full jugak last stop was Empire. Ada la masalah parking sikit..ada kejadian tak berapa nak best berlaku but malas kot nak elaborate. Uncivilised ppl patut duduk dalam gua je. Terus spoil mood nak shopping. Balik rumah terus after that and at night Mika as usual la mana nak separate with the Ipad..adik dia pon join sama. Best bergolek² with the two of them..just the right way to end my Sunday :)

leka betul dua dua ni

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