Sunday, April 22, 2012


My dear uncle Tengku Syed Naizar b Tengku Syed Nordin dah kembali ke Rahmatullah today at about 9am. was so sudden sebab he was all okay yesterday. Memang dah admitted to hospital for few days due to liver problem and although his blood pressure kejap ok kejap tak tapi masih stable. Off we went to Seremban that morning to pay him last respect and after that jenazah di bawa pulang to his house in Tampin. I wanted to stay sampai kebumi tapi sebab Aariq is at home with the maid, mom asked me to leave first. Rasa bersalah jugak but I told my aunt that I will come again and visit her bila berkesempatan. To aunty Non and son Idham, be strong. Allah sayangkan Achik. He is a better place now. Sabar sangat² ok..*al-fatihah*

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