Monday, March 19, 2012

thank you

Monday is here..cepat betul kamu datang. Tak sabar² eh? What a busy Saturday tapi a 'meriah' one for me :) I will blog about the event nanti. Bottom line is, Alhamdulillah..all went well. Guests ramai datang and almost all of my relatives were there. Thank you so much for coming and making it an unforgettable event for me and family, Aariq especially. BIG thanks to my parents for sponsoring major part of the event. My dad as always the banker and mom being a mom, she was the main anchor for that event handling those 'remeh-temeh' part ie doorgifts, liaising with the caterer and not to forget helping to buy Mika's jubah and for Aariq, his one needs to be custom made so Umi was the one who helped me to find and sent it to the tailor in PH. She even asked the tailor to sew the material to cover the baby swing and table. Amazing I tell you. I could tell that she does enjoy herself doing this kind of stuffs, boleh jadi wedding/kenduri planner ni. Cousins, next kenduri can ask for Titit's advise :) Thanks to my PIL too for sponsoring the lambs, my SILs and BIL for coming and also thanks to my SIL’s husband for being the photographer of the day. Can't wait to see those photos. To my sister and cousins duts, you girls rock! Thanks for babysitting the boys, helping out with the deco, arranging and organizing stuffs and oh my brother too, for being there when we need you. Ok..I sound like a grammy winner now but no really..THANKS THANKS THANKS!

 the DIY dais
materials guna apa yang ada je
thanks to my sister and cousin nana for helping me to decorate this
 muka ganas betul tapi comel ;)
 this one days before kenduri
nak tunjuk jubah yang Tok Mi belikan
 muka cembeng dah..uhukuhuk
 takde rambut la aariq..acah² je
 good boy..duduk diam je time orang tengah marhaban
 yours truly wearing my mom's nikah dress
baju fits me well dan cantik dan kebetulan masuk theme..i like!
all eyes on aariq

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