Wednesday, March 7, 2012

preparation for aariq's aqiqah

Aariq's aqiqah is in about 1 and a half week time and honestly speaking, my mom is the one who does all the preparation for this. I'm so thankful to have such a SUPERMOM. Thank you Umi! Time Mika dulu pon dia all out. I guess events, kenduri like this memang her thing. She's so good at it. From doorgifts to deco to food to baju aqiqah memang mostly done by her. We are going to have it at my parents' place this time sekali with kenduri arwah that morning followed by marhaban + cukur jambul then lunch.

Caterer: Recommended by my MIL. Senang sebab dia boleh prepare kambing sekali. Price pon berpatutan. Also they provide tent, chairs, tables..let's hope the food is nice too. Tapi OK kot :)

Marhaban group: Sama masa Mika dulu tapi special sikit this time sebab I request for yang kompang² sekali. Mika dulu takde. Kebetulan one of the group members is my friend's MIL. Small world betul

Baju Aariq: Macam Mika dulu, we decided to tempah one jubah for him. Sebab theme color this time tak sama macam Mika, so cannot recycle. Kesian la pulak kan nak recycle, buat baru sudah. This one memang my mom yang tolong cari kan kain then pergi tempah. Told you she's a supermom

Baju Mika: Mika pon tak ketinggalan. My mom and sis managed to help me get one cute jubah for him.  Kesian pulak nanti dia tengok je

Buai/swing: Time Mika we all guna baby cot, this time I guna baby swing. Again my mom came to the rescue pergi tolong tempahkan kain to cover the baby swing.

I think tu je kot. Hubby will go to the caterer's place next Friday, pilih kambing dan kalau dia nak boleh sembelihkan sekali. Hopefully everything goes well, InsyaAllah.

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