Monday, March 12, 2012

ordinary sunday

Went for bfast with hubby and Mika at our usual mamak place as Mika wanted to have roti canai. Then we went to PIL’s house for lunch. Adam the nephew was there, comel je tengok sebab pantang PIL jauh, sure berlari pergi dekat tok dan nenek dia. Dia segan dengan kita orang though ada la attempt dia nak main bola dengan Mika. Sempat jumpa BIL's fiance and SIL brought some souvenirs back from Italy. Thanks Kak Johana for the stuffs :) It was raining heavily otw back. I dok risau if the maid tak sempat nak angkat baju sebab I suruh dia clean up the rooms upstairs and wash the bathrooms. Tapi pheww..terangkat semua dah. The kids tidur sampai petang and by that time hujan pon dah stop. Rasa nak makan goreng² so we brought Mika out again and Aariq was left at home. Sunday night macam boring je tapi boring² pon almost midnight baru I tidur.

Oh yes, semalam tengok AI at first but I don’t know la this year macam biasa sangat je (too old for this kot) although the contestants this time semua macam ok especially the girls, but I rasa dah immune with AI. So I switched to 721 and watched The Voice 2 instead. I did follow last season’s tapi macam tuh je la. Then now macam tengah battle, kinda interesting to watch. There’s this one that I shared on my betul and I think these two deserve to be in Christina’s team. Betul cakap the other judges, memang difficult decision to make sebab both are superb. Check this out (video cannot be embedded). Also suka tengok expression the judges, AL particularly..LOL :P

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