Tuesday, March 20, 2012

mak² pergi holiday lagi

My mom is away from today till Friday. After the house moving thingy and looking after yours truly during confinement last year then tolong tengok kan Aariq & monitor the maid and that kenduri last weekend, she really deserves this break. Sisters and mommy outing every year. They have been to Kuching, Langkawi and Singapore and this time they chose Terengganu. When she told us the total cost for this holiday I was like..biar betul. Boleh pergi oversea. Mana tak nya hotel nak yang best², facing laut and all. Ada personal tour guide then naik Alphard, flight MAS. For me, mommy's duty takes priority now. Susah nak pergi holiday and all. My family together with my cousins and aunt are going to Vietnam end of April and again I have to skip this. Some ppl don't mind to bring the kids especially babies for holiday but that's just not me. I'm a bit fussy when it comes to things like this, nanti stress sebab tu tak kena ni tak kena. Mika I don't mind sebab dah besar..Aariq la leceh sikit. Takpe la, I will do that once the kids are lil bit older ;)

We were supposed to bring Aariq for an optional jab last night tapi dah malam and Mika did not take his afternoon nap, he looked tired and sleepy. Not a wise move to go with a sleepy + moody kid, so we postponed the appointment till next Tuesday. He did not go to school semalam sebab dia macam cough + flu so sent him to mom's. Ingat dia boleh la rest ke..but I was wrong. Ada je benda dia buat..panjat meja, naik atas turun bawah, then sibuk nak duduk dekat adik dia and my mom said at one time, dia pukul Aariq's head..not really pukul macam tap la. Isshhh...Mika oh Mika. Mana dia dapat energy, tak penat². Time I balik nak amik dia, comot sungguh, berpeluh².

I woke up like banyak kali this morning. Aariq boleh buat no.2 at 4am! Dah habis tuh, boleh senyum² mata pon bulat je. Tapi dia diam je dalam baby cot. Sambung tidur then at 6am, Mika squeezed himself in between me and hubby. I was already up and awake by 6.20am dan terlebih rajin masak nasi goreng. MIL came to supervise the maid. Hubby WFH. Mika bila lama tak pergi school, mula moody..ni tak kena tu tak kena. Nak² lagi MIL at home, dia memang tak nak la tegur and all. Nak mommy je. That's how moody he can be tapi kejap je la. Kena pandai ambil hati dia, then he will be alright. The maid will need to master this if Mika start duduk dengan dia nanti.

taken on Sunday when we did our grocery shopping
boleh tidur pulak, so have to use the stroller
too big for the stroller eh? 

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