Friday, March 16, 2012

like seriously?

It’s Friday and I’m on half day today. How cool is that? Tak cool macam hubby and sister yang dah on leave today to prepare for the kenduri aqiqah tomorrow. Feel so weird driving to the office alone and don’t quite like it when hubby is not around. Mengada betul Eeja ni. I ordered some cupcakes as the doorgifts and the kakak will deliver it to my office later in the afternoon. Although it’s a school holiday, Mika still goes to the nursery and today ada birthday celebration for the other kids including babysitter's son. Kat sana ramai kawan including his mama’s son, abang. How la nanti kalau Mika betul² tak pergi nursery dah? Will he enjoy staying at home without his friends and the caretakers yang dah kenal dia since dia 4 months old?

We are still waiting for the official note from immi, biar la dia kat situ dulu sampai betul² confirm the maid is ours. And today, ada news cakap maid from now onwards can only do ONE chore, I repeat ONE only. If dia cook, cook je la cannot babysit, cannot do laundry and min wage is rm700. Like seriously? Kalau kerja lipat kain je boleh dapat rm700. Senang betul dah la makan, pakai semua ditanggung. Even kita pon multi-task buat macam-macam, kena bayar utilities lagi..this is so ridiculous. Maybe sebab ada kes employers yang buat maid dia over work kot tapi how about the good employers yang utamakan kebajikan the maid? Hmhmhm..entah apa² betul.

Ohhh..did you guys follow The Walking Dead? I think pernah mention dulu I suka tengok cerita pelik² macam zombies, virus attack dan seangkatan dengannya. The thing with TWD ni, dia macam tergantung sekarang. Sigh..nak tau ending pls. Nevertheless I still hope the episodes continue. Also, I follow Spartacus, pernah mention kat sini. The original actor for that Spartacus role has passed away. Now replace with another actor but I still prefer the late Andy Whitfield kot. Ok, enough babbling. Time to check emails and sort out apa yang perlu. Kata nak half day kan..later :)

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