Monday, February 6, 2012

Yeay, esok saya kerja

Today feels like a Sunday to me. The fact that everyone is still on holiday until tomorrow and my dear company is not observing tomorrow's PH is just not cool. Not cool at all. I've chosen the wrong day to start working after 2.5mths being away from the office. It won't look nice to take another extra day off though I don't think ada orang kisah and won't make that much of difference pon.

Sigh..back to reality. Aariq will be under my mom's care the whole month of feb. After that will be sending him to Mika's nursery kot if no other plan arises. Still waiting for maid yang sampai skrg kejap jadi then tak jadi. Takpe la, life goes on. I've rested long back to office. Tapi sedih sebab my boss is no longer there. She has decided to move on and starts her own business. The super cool lady boss, seriously gonna miss her. For now I'll be reporting back to my former boss which is undoubtly another cool boss tapi tak sama la man and woman. Hope for a smooth sailing journey this 2012 and since my team macam ramai newbies, I better think of great team building activities for us. It's time to bond people. Sedih pulak nak tinggalkan the lil kiddo. Hopefully he adapts cepat la that mommy is no longer around during the day except for weekend.
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