Wednesday, February 8, 2012

semua nya di hujung jari

I've made some purchases and I'm one happy lady now :) Dalam sibuk bermeeting hari ni, sempat lagi slot time untuk online shopping. I've been meaning to get the steriliser since Mika's time tapi dok delay-delay and use the old method instead which is rendam dalam boiling water. Tapi sebab dah ada 2 orang yang using bottles in the house, I find it a bit troublesome to do it nak nak lagi awal pagi selalu rushing plus kalau ada senang sikit, nak bawak gi travel pon senang. Sebab time Mika dulu ada barang tak sempat nak beli..why not we buy it time Aariq ni kan..bukan membazir pon :)

microwave steriliser

Survey here and there dapat la best decided to take this one. I bought this thermal bag as well sebab the price kat this site cheaper compare to others.

I always like Avent products. Mika dulu I pakai Avent kejap then suka tgk bottles MAM sebab dia banyak colour tapi dia banyak component kecik². Now back to Avent. Few days ago I bought this special edition bottles for both boys. Senang. Tapi true la orang cakap..if pandai cari can get price yang way cheaper than the ones yang jual dekat mall or some online baby shops. Hubby tak boleh nak bising sebab I use my own money to get all these items. If dia bising then I have the excuse nak bising jugak sebab spend money on the FF tickets :P

*all pics credit to google*

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