Thursday, February 9, 2012

on babywearing/baby carriers

Since the past weeks, asyik surf pasal babywearing je. Really wanted to get one tapi macam don't know which will fit both me and Aariq the best. Hmmm..I dah pernah ada 2 types of slings before masa Mika's time tapi tak pernah pakai pon. One is the normal ring sling and I'm not really good with tutorial on video ni so sampai sekarang tak reti nak ikat and the other one is the baby pouch from littlepods.

mika @2.5 mths old in Littlepods pouch

To make matter worse, bila pakai pouch tuh macam tak selesa pulak. Mika meronta-ronta duduk dalam tuh, I pulak sakit bahu sbb nak balance weight both of us. Again, I tak reti nak follow tutorial sebab bila dah pakai tuh macam rasa something wrong. I need someone to show me how! Oh, I did try it on Aariq. Same case. Dia macam tak muat je duduk dalam tuh. Yikesss..mesti salah pakai ni.

Surf and surf I terjumpa these 3 baby carriers yang macam senang nak pakai but but but..I still in doubt to purchase any of it. Each has its own pros and cons and come to think of it, do I need one? Larat ke I nak carry lama² sebab skrg pon I prefer to put Aariq in stroller kalau outing. Hmmm..anyways, just to share the carriers yang I dah pernah survey, mana la tahu you want to get one ke.

*pic taken from*

This one is Jumpsac Orbit Soft Structured Carrier. Memang menarik and it has two ways of carrying; front carry and back carry. Front carry suitable for baby from 3.5kg and it comes with a head support and hooded to cover baby/toddler's head. Back carry more suitable for toddler, berat sampai kita larat nak carry la. Menarik tapi hubby tak minat sangat. If beli sure la nak yang hubby boleh pakai sekali kan.

*pic from google*

The second one pulak is the famous BabyBjorn carrier. The common one would be the Original Spirit but hari tuh survey ada pulak Original in Retro macam pic di atas. The blue one menarik and hubby likes this one too. Tapi bila I baca can only carry sampai 10kg je kot and only front-carry. So macam pakai pon kejap je, plus dia takde waist support. I bet nanti sakit jugak bahu. If nak have to take other model macam Active, Synergy or the latest one Miracle. Don't think so it's a wise move to spend on stuff yang tak boleh nak pakai lama. The other models macam over price sangat. Boleh pergi holiday..domestic la :)

*pic taken from google*

Ok this one I baru nampak from one of the bloggers' site. BECO Gemini. For me, ni macam paling best, price pon yang paling best. Front carry, back carry, from newborn to toddler, waist support, newborn head support, hooded, basically dia macam 4-in-1 carrier. Can google to read more. Material dia pon menarik plus ada banyak design. Memang nampak comfortable, cantik pulak tuh. Boleh pakai lama and totally dad friendly.

Lepas discuss with hubby and also asking opinions from friends, macam tak jadi beli je semua tuh. Knowing me, berat sikit dah mengeluh. If beli pon, I will get that BECO Gemini. Fikir balik stroller je la kot. Ambil Quinny ke..huhuh. I have to let go my dream to get a carrier for now. Unless kalau nak travel ke baru fikir balik. So now boleh la stop surf bout baby carriers. Move on to benda lain pulak :)

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