Saturday, February 11, 2012

of my saturday

Invited Kak Gee over today sebab nak buat insurance plan for Aariq. We decided to get the same plan as Mika’s tapi this year ada changes sikit with the plan. With the same amount of money paid monthly, we can get better plan for him. Hopefully we will be offered to upgrade Mika's one. Pheww..lega dah buat insurance for him. Like mentioned in previous entries, tak rugi ada insurance ni. Macam Mika dulu, admitted sebab viral fever for 3 days. Though the bill was covered by hubby’s comp, we still can claim allowance for the 3 days stay there. I mean, tak nak la masuk hospital tapi kata kan la kena admit, at least that allowance boleh la nak top up for benda lain. Now the four of us are all under Prudential Takaful :)

Done with the insurance, pergi fetch the maid from her sister’s house. Honestly I’m not use la nak arah² orang buat kerja rumah ni. Told her dia boleh rest sebab time sampai rumah pon dah almost 7pm and her first day. Tapi I sempat la pass kat dia 2 bakul kain untuk dilipat. Kalau penat, esok je la lipat. Tapi dia tak tunggu esok pon, malam before dia tidur dah siap. Hoping for the best..

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