Tuesday, February 28, 2012

lesson learnt

Goal setting with the people done! At least I manage to strike some stuffs from my office to-do list. Went out last Saturday to find Aariq's stuffs tapi macam disappointed sebab pergi jauh-jauh tapi tak dapat apa. One of the main reasons sebab the two boys meragam semacam. Mika lately ni mengada sangat, sensitif pon iya jugak pastu pandai buat adik dia dah. Maybe dia dah tahu nak jealous and also he demands for more attention. Aariq ok je but if dia lapar + sleepy mesti mengamuk. Nangis-nangis. Bagi milk merajuk tak nak. So dia akan cry and cry..memang penat la nak pujuk. Tapi dia akan minum la after that dan terus tidur. Ok, lesson learnt. Kalau nak pergi jauh-jauh, tak boleh bawak 2 orang. Salute to those yang bawak kids ramai-ramai gi mall etc.

Saturday pulak, pergi wedding Ina (used to be my housemate dulu then sama² MMU). We were really close back then. Selalu la berdouble dating..ehem ehem :P Don't worry, my bf then is my husband now :) Wedding was at Seremban and this time we brought only Mika. Aariq stayed at home with maid and mom. Owh not to mention kat office macam ramai je orang expecting. It's like back to back. Last year pon ramai. Even in FB pon tahu-tahu my friends (add tapi jarang tegur) dah deliver. Whatever it is, congratulations to the new mommies and daddies out there. Welcome to the parenthood life :)

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