Tuesday, February 7, 2012

first working day in 2012

First working day in 2012 and it's on a public holiday...weee. Not that bad. Macam orang baru je sebab pergi mana-mana orang interview and it took me like 1.5 hr to catch things up with my team mates going from cubicle to cubicle, get them to explain on pending issues, catching up their progress on products being worked on and etc. Then baru la dapat breakfast, coffee and peanut butter bread..itu saja. Although I check emails at home but I need to delete stuffs sebab it does not allow me to send outgoing message, too full katanya. So spent another 1.5 hr on the emails, mark mana important dan to follow-up, moving 2011 to archive folder and also create/edit rules. Sedar-sedar dah 12 noon, it's lunch time. Now baru lepas team meeting and I have full house today. Glad to be able to sort some stuffs out before my meeting with the boss tomorrow. 

Sent Aariq to mom's then hubby and Mika sent me to work this morning. Oh btw, we finally got a helper to bbsit the baby. Semalam pergi tengok dia at her sister's hse. Kat kampung nearby PH je. Macam adhoc jugak and we are going to trial her for 2 weeks, see how it goes. Kalau serasi and all, we might make her permanent. She wants to stay in meaning bukan datang pagi balik petang and we will release her either Sat/Sun sebab her sister is nearby. Mom knows well orang yang carikan tuh, so boleh la nak trust sikit. At least takde la I risau sangat when I put Aariq at mom's coz I will be sending both maid and Aariq there. Don't want to talk much about this sebab tak nak la put too much hope, you just need to prepare the worst if anything. Nampak semalam macam ok sebab she has experience in handling bb before. If dia ok, Alhamdulillah. If not, to the nursery it is. I'm gonna grab something to eat now. Dizzy dah tengok emails and all. I can't wait to be back at home and kiss my boys. Rindu sudah :)

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