Sunday, February 19, 2012

first night in his own room

Today Mika macam a bit unwell. Flu + cough. Hubby brought him to the Paed’s clinic in the morning where else I siapkan Aariq sebab nak pergi to PIL’s for lunch. SIL was there too so Mika ada la kawan nak main. Dia suka la if dapat jumpa kakak Sarah dia. Kalau tak dia sorang je..kesian. Stayed for a while then Mika ni dalam batuk and flu pon sibuk berlari sana sini. I pulak yang rimas tengok dia. We left BM at 3pm. Sampai rumah the kids continue to sleep then petang sikit fetch the maid. Nasib her sister’s house nearby je, so tak la rasa leceh. In a way, ok jugak sebab ada sikit privacy for us during weekend.

mika refused to pose
dangerous without car seat! i think we should get the booster seat for him sebab he cannot fit into the old one anymore. Nak suruh duduk diam memang tak boleh la apa lagi nak pakai seat belt. Normally he will sit at the back with me but sebab dia cough I suruh duduk depan. 
Ishh..must get the booster seat..
 his little brother on the other hand, masuk kereta je tidur
pipi bam bam sampai kena seat belt car seat

Hubby had to go out pulak to meet his friends. Selalu I akan bising but not anymore :) Suruh maid mandikan Mika, put on his pyjamas then I mandi pulak and solat while she looks after the kids. Not long after that hubby balik so I told her to just go down and clean the kitchen. Not to forget to iron some clothes. Bunyi macam banyak but not really, ok la tu. Better give her something to do rather than doing nothing. So far, hubby and I still handle the kids at night. Mika pulak first time tidur bilik sendiri sebab we finally got the air-cond installed. Actually we bought a new one for the living hall upstairs then transfer yang lama to his room. Install heater sekali, so boleh la dia mandi kat toilet sendiri. Hubby teman Mika tidur tonight and suddenly now my room macam kosong je. It’s just me & Aariq, itu pon Aariq in his babycot. The bed is mine!

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