Saturday, January 7, 2012

Unpredictible betul

The weather is so unpredictible nowadays. One minute it is warm and sunny then the next minute it is drizzling. Weekend routine is to go crazy with the laundry, change the bedsheets and towel and sometimes curtains or cushion cover. Ok, enough bout the laundry.

Hubby and Mika just left the house to do some shopping and left Mommy and Aariq at home. Wanted to follow at first but kalau nak keluar kena get ready baby bag, kena pack ni, pack tu..kena siap..I bet that will take an hour at least and since it is close to 11.30 already, I decided not to follow and of course unwillingly. Sigh. Takpe la, sacrifice for Aariq. Kesian pulak dia nak sleep tapi I sibuk nak keluar. Mika needs a new pair of school shoes. Ingat nak beli kasut biasa je, yang white color macam pergi sekolah punya. The current one over pon ada, siap lampu2 plus sayang..kasut mahal, Mika kalau pakai bukan kisah pon kotor ke apa. Kasut biasa sudah. Huhu. Ok dah panas balik, time to put back the clothes under the sun. Later.

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