Friday, January 13, 2012

zharief aariq is 2 months old!

Alhamdulillah Zharief Aariq is two months old today. We are supposed to go to CA petang tadi for his jab but hubby suddenly got work. Appointment is now being postponed to next Tuesday. I dah siap fetch Mika early from nursery sebab nak bawak dia sekali but tak jadi pulak. So we spent the evening at mom's sebab hubby got to go to the office and he got department dinner that night.

At two months old, Aariq dah boleh nampak objects also recognise voice..mommy's especially. If dia nak milk dia boleh bagi sign macam letak tangan dekat mulut then he can smile or at least bila cakap2 or buat silly face dia ada la feedback. Takde la mommy sorang2 excited. Color kulit pon dah bertukar dari merah ke cerah sikit. Berat next tuesday baru weigh. Masa one month dulu, berat 4.72kg naik about 1.6kg from birth weight. Tak kisah la kan, janji sihat :)

my two month old

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