Wednesday, January 25, 2012

second day of CNY

These photos below were taken yesterday. No specific plan to go where so ingat nak check out Carrefour Puchong plus need to buy kids' milk and diapers. Otw to IOI singgah Tesco sebab Mika needs to go to the toilet. Now dia dah almost diaperless. Will blog it more in another entry.

faces of aariq

Aariq dah pandai nak smile. Tapi dia ni soft far la. If nak sleep pon dia tidur sendiri. I just letak dia in his baby cot then let him doze off sendiri. Nanti senang if letak nursery.

Ni masa dekat IOI, playing his big brother role tolong carrykan diaper bag adik. 
Stroller is officially Aariq's.

Ishhh..speaking of stroller, I almost wanna buy Quinny travel system tuh. My dream stroller. Sikit je lagi nak beli but lepas hubby remind of this and that..tak jadi la. Should have bought it masa time Mika dulu. If now macam rugi baby la kot... :)
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