Monday, January 2, 2012

Random entry

Said goodbye to my HTC HD 7 yesterday and got it replace with Samsung W. Different OS and of course familiar to everyone with loads of apps. Baru la normal. Actually I don't even know the existence of this phone till yesterday. Survey in the morning but tak bawak box and all sebab org tu ckp can trade in. Hubby la rajin sanggup pergi balik to buy the phone. But I kinda miss my old phone big screen and its slim size. Sebab rushing smlm I lupa nak save some of the phone numbers frm that phone or any important sms.

Today did nothing pon. Initially ingat nak tinggalkan Aariq with my mom then follow hubby buat grocery shopping but tak sampai hati nak keluar rumah tgk dia tidur. Ptg sikit baru pergi rumah my mom just to catch up on things. They are still bz kemas2 so I tak nak disturb sgt. Cant wait for them to settle down and of course Aariq besar sikit, senang I nak bwk jalan :)

Looks like ramai dah start kerja esok. I will be alone with Aariq tomorrow. Hubby pon kena masuk office after berhari2 WFH. My post natal check up postponed to Wed. Ok la, gonna hit the sack now. Nite!
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