Wednesday, January 25, 2012

KL and I just don't blend

What a tiring day. Hubby and I thought of going for a movie at first then lunch but we decided to went to KL instead to get some stuffs. We parked at Low Yatt and I think the last time I was there like 3 yrs ago, 3 days before I deliver Mika. Lama tuh! Time study dulu almost every weekend sure pergi Sg Wang and this area. Macam second home pon ada. First pergi to BTS sebab nak collect..

I wish I'm going but the mommy duty takes priority. If Buble or Mariah Carey or seangkatan dengannya I will definitely go but bands..will think twice kot. I rasa macam tak cukup muda dah nak join the crowd. Anyways, hubby yang memang minat habis FF pergi..termasuk la my sis. Semangat betul..all the way to Spore. After dah collect tickets jalan kejap and I wanted to do some shopping but fail to buy anything. In the end kids' stuffs yang interest me more.

We then went to Sg Wang and I dont think I'll come again that soon. Macam rimas. Definitely age factor ni :p Went back to Low Yatt to buy hubby's bday present. Dia cakap nak monitor..ok..monitor it is.

Sebab ramai sgt org dan rasa lemas, pergi lunch out of KL and that is to Empire sebab I still belum dapat my stuffs yet. Ok ni first time I pergi lepas explosion that day. Lama betul. Lunch at Serai.

mine: serai iced tea
hubby's: oreo shake

nasi ulam ayam bakar..camtuh kot nama dia
not bad. selalu i tak makan serai² ni..but ni ok pulak ke sebab lapar

Sigh..again tak dapat nak beli anything. If ada cash takde pulak mood shopping cuba kalau takde cash macam2 nak beli. So pulang dgn tangan kosong. Balik terus fetch Mika and had tea at mom's. My 2 cousins came with cake and sambal ikan bilis and we topped up with goreng pisang. Sambal ikan bilis bila makan dengan roti kosong memang tak boleh nak stop!

Lastly, a photo of this kid yang sibuk je suruh snap his photo...

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