Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy birthday sayang!

It's hubby's birthday today. Happy birthday sayang! So dah berapa tahun eh :p Age is just a number and I'm sure for guys, they don't bother pon. More meaningful this yr sebab ada new family member to celebrate with walaupon he knows nothing dan kena tinggal masa lunch tadi but still, syukur Alhamdulillah dengan pemberian Nya. Ni birthday siapa ni..macam my birthday pulak.

Hubby started his day like really early. He was already awake around 3 sebab ada kerja to settle with the ppl from Portland. So kena la ikut time they all. The kids and I got up few mins before 7 and I felt like buying breakfast tapi mana boleh tinggalkan the kids kan, hubby still on call in his room so I kena bring the kids along. Ada jugak I rasa nak bring them to my mom's tapi sebab nak kena pack this and that terus malas. Reached home and fed Mika and just in time sebab hubby dah settle with his work.

We then went out for lunch but before that, letak Aariq at mom's. No need to bring him sebab kejap je plus nak lunch je pon. Ni kira 2nd lunch to celebrate hubby's bday. First one was only me and him and this one we brought Mika along. Went to Pyramid and we had no idea on where to eat sebab takde la rasa nak makan something sgt. End up settle with Delicious. Mika happy la dapat full attention and just like old days..happy sebab dapat spend time with Mika but at the same time rasa incomplete. Betul la org ckp tak meriah kalau kta tgh enjoy tapi tak cukup quorum. Tunggu Aariq besar sikit baru best jalan.

After that balik rumah my mom and had tea there. I beli pisang, cempedak dan keledek goreng. That's about it. Esok Mika start school betul2 dan hari kerja. Walaupon I cuti lagi, if tinggal sorang2 sure boring. Thank God hubby will be working frm home this coming week. Ok dah yawn untuk keseratus kali. Goodnight!

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