Sunday, January 1, 2012

First post

New year but so far still the same old stuffs :) Resolution...i never had one kot bila fikir mesti tak jadi punya so go with the flow sudah. Just hope that 2012 will be a better year for all of us with good health and success, InsyaAllah.

Went out to Parade this morning setelah berbulan lama nya tak pergi. It was ok sebab tak crowded. We had lunch at the new market place then banyak beli barang Mika for school. I pulak excited nak beli macam2 for him. Mika ke mommy nak pergi school ni. I almost grab Cars school bag tapi telah diremindkan oleh hubby that he already got Thomas bag as his bday present from aunty zira and uncle joi. Also the reason we went out sbb nak cari new phone for urs truly. I takde la nak sgt, hubby is the one yg semangat. Siap nak survey sana sini. Takpe la ikutkan saja. See la the outcome nanti. Switch to Android pulak kot, baru boleh berwhatsapp.

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