Friday, January 27, 2012

First day of CNY

Delay pulak this post. Last long weekend no plan nak pergi holiday or anything. Not until Aariq is 6mths old at least. First day of CNY pergi Parade and traffic was super duper smooth. Kan best everyday macam ni. Eh macam la I stuck in traffic jam hari2 but you get what I mean. Nak bwk Mika tgk lion dance tapi show only starts at 3pm. So pusing2 je, keluar je lift terus kena pow dengan Mika. Dia nak sticker angry birds. Then sebab sale sana sini tempted to get the kids' clothes for Raya. Huhu..too early kot :p can't resist sbb Parkson sale but I didn't manage to buy anything. Sigh..frust di situ. Then pergi check out sun glasses coz I really need a new pair. My SIL is going to Paris in Feb, maybe I'll get her help to buy one there. On the other note, handbag pon ok..*hint:hubby* :)

So no lion dance that day. Jalan2 pusing2 je. Crowd pon tak ramai.

mika trying to be funny here..that's the pull up pants he's wearing

two monkeys = two brothers

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