Saturday, January 14, 2012

All about Mika

Free ke saya nak update banyak2 ni..not really but I have things to say but no one is available to listen to my nonsense hence blog la solution nya. Mika skrg lebih close to hubby as compare to before his baby brother ada. Kalau dulu sikit-sikit mommy, apa pon mommy but since I delivered Aariq, he's closer to hubby. Ye la time I kat hospital and confinement dia banyak outing with hubby je which is good la, father son bonding. Eventhough still ada lagi nak mommy nak mommy but daddy can take over if mommy is busy with adik. I do miss the 'mommy-mika' moment and sometimes I wish that I could spend time with him alone..but I know his daddy is still the best companion to go out with.

That day when I fetched him from his nursery, he was sleeping. So kena la angkat dia kan..I could not do that. Tak terdaya nak angkat..rasa macam what kind of mom tak boleh angkat anak sendiri. Mak Su (bbsitter's sister who is also one of the bbsitters) yang tolong angkatkan. Either he's too heavy for me or I ni tak kuat. Since dah ada adik, Mika nampak so matured. Boleh tolong macam2 and suddenly dia macam dah besar and smart too. So proud of him sebab after almost 3 yrs alone now ada adik, he can cope well though ada la tantrum here and there but manageable. Must make an effort for 'mommy-mika' time. Daddy duduk rumah pulak jaga Aariq but..can I handle him alone? If dia tantrum suruh angkat macam mana..huhu. Well, kena try la kan. Now nak tido pon, hubby boleh tidokan..dulu memang I since dia kecik lagi. He adapts well to changes and mommy will pray for the best for you and Aariq. Love you both equally :)

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