Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2 mth old checkup

Brought Aariq for his 2 mth old checkup yesterday. Current weight is 6.1kg and about 58cm long. Semangat jugak badan kamu yer, takpe la asalkan sihat. Then amik 1st round of hepatitis jab + rotavirus first dose. We did not bring Mika this time. Lepas jab, doc suruh bagi ubat demam just in case. So far dia ok, lets hope everything ok la. Macam deja vu je sebab same hospital, same doctor..except different baby je. Ni pon rupa seakan-akan sama Mika. Baru je complete ambil all jabs for Mika last year and now the cycle is starting again. OK, next one tunggu 2 atau 3 tahun lagi..hmhm..ada ke next? :D Some pics frm the visit.

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Deqna said...

wah.. 2 months already? cptnya.... pipi very the bambam.. cubit syok nie...

raF|za said...


tuh la..kejap je. dah nak start kerja dah balik. hehe..mmg syok cubit, gigit :P