Sunday, January 29, 2012

sama tapi tak serupa

Some photos of Mika and Aariq. Mereka macam sama tapi tak serupa..haa camtuh la. Ada la iras² tapi ada la lain. If tengok tahu la kot mereka ni brothers. I tak la rajin sangat bersungguh² pakai kan baju sama then snap. Aariq kan banyak recycle baju abang dia so mana dia pakai dan I ingat Mika ada amik gambar dulu, I snap la :)
 discharge from hospital..baju yang mereka pakai masa discharge adalah sama
which is this baju below
i'm gonna keep this one for sweet memory :) gosh this pic was taken back then in Oct 2008
position tidur lebih kurang sama..sorang surrender sorang kung fu style
kain batik yang sama
 both time ni 1 mth old, both pon baru balik check up from hospital
 confinement pale face..isshh comotnya
checkout their lips..sama
sitting against my bfeeding support pillow
first smile for both and same romper..what a co-incidence! 
both at 2.5 months old 

Tapi Aariq's photo banyak capture with camera phone je. Ishh..kesian dia. I memang tak keluar langsung camera. Aariq nampak chubbier but believe me, weight lebih kurang je mereka ni.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

tunjuk bakat

Taken before the CNY holidays..bab naik atas stage, dance depan orang ramai can pass to Mika :)

Friday, January 27, 2012


Penat nya hari ni..tapi happy :) dah lama tak outing shopping so lepas deliver dan menyedari size badan dah tak macam dulu, kena la restock baju, pants etc plus lama dah kot I tak shopping. Online shopping tak kira. Hubby off today and this time have to bring Aariq. Thank God dia behave je. If masuk kedai i, pass stroller to hubby and vice versa. Mika pergi school + nursery kalau tak jgn harap dapat spend lama2 iat mall. Done with shopping, makan at Breeks. Itu saja for today's activity :)

Starter: potato island

Mine: char grilled king prawns kot nama dia

Hubby's: chicken chop something something

Ours :)
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First day of CNY

Delay pulak this post. Last long weekend no plan nak pergi holiday or anything. Not until Aariq is 6mths old at least. First day of CNY pergi Parade and traffic was super duper smooth. Kan best everyday macam ni. Eh macam la I stuck in traffic jam hari2 but you get what I mean. Nak bwk Mika tgk lion dance tapi show only starts at 3pm. So pusing2 je, keluar je lift terus kena pow dengan Mika. Dia nak sticker angry birds. Then sebab sale sana sini tempted to get the kids' clothes for Raya. Huhu..too early kot :p can't resist sbb Parkson sale but I didn't manage to buy anything. Sigh..frust di situ. Then pergi check out sun glasses coz I really need a new pair. My SIL is going to Paris in Feb, maybe I'll get her help to buy one there. On the other note, handbag pon ok..*hint:hubby* :)

So no lion dance that day. Jalan2 pusing2 je. Crowd pon tak ramai.

mika trying to be funny here..that's the pull up pants he's wearing

two monkeys = two brothers

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

one fine evening

Boring duduk rumah we all pergi rumah Tok Bah. Minum petang ramai-ramai baru best..lagipon dah janji dengan Mika nak main ball. Tengok photos je la :)

 macam-macam gaya main bola
 aariq pon nak ambil angin gaks
 masam nye muka :)
 bila dapat attention happy la dia
 the two fellas yang suka posing
 and now we are four
i like this pic

second day of CNY

These photos below were taken yesterday. No specific plan to go where so ingat nak check out Carrefour Puchong plus need to buy kids' milk and diapers. Otw to IOI singgah Tesco sebab Mika needs to go to the toilet. Now dia dah almost diaperless. Will blog it more in another entry.

faces of aariq

Aariq dah pandai nak smile. Tapi dia ni soft far la. If nak sleep pon dia tidur sendiri. I just letak dia in his baby cot then let him doze off sendiri. Nanti senang if letak nursery.

Ni masa dekat IOI, playing his big brother role tolong carrykan diaper bag adik. 
Stroller is officially Aariq's.

Ishhh..speaking of stroller, I almost wanna buy Quinny travel system tuh. My dream stroller. Sikit je lagi nak beli but lepas hubby remind of this and that..tak jadi la. Should have bought it masa time Mika dulu. If now macam rugi baby la kot... :)
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KL and I just don't blend

What a tiring day. Hubby and I thought of going for a movie at first then lunch but we decided to went to KL instead to get some stuffs. We parked at Low Yatt and I think the last time I was there like 3 yrs ago, 3 days before I deliver Mika. Lama tuh! Time study dulu almost every weekend sure pergi Sg Wang and this area. Macam second home pon ada. First pergi to BTS sebab nak collect..

I wish I'm going but the mommy duty takes priority. If Buble or Mariah Carey or seangkatan dengannya I will definitely go but bands..will think twice kot. I rasa macam tak cukup muda dah nak join the crowd. Anyways, hubby yang memang minat habis FF pergi..termasuk la my sis. Semangat betul..all the way to Spore. After dah collect tickets jalan kejap and I wanted to do some shopping but fail to buy anything. In the end kids' stuffs yang interest me more.

We then went to Sg Wang and I dont think I'll come again that soon. Macam rimas. Definitely age factor ni :p Went back to Low Yatt to buy hubby's bday present. Dia cakap nak monitor..ok..monitor it is.

Sebab ramai sgt org dan rasa lemas, pergi lunch out of KL and that is to Empire sebab I still belum dapat my stuffs yet. Ok ni first time I pergi lepas explosion that day. Lama betul. Lunch at Serai.

mine: serai iced tea
hubby's: oreo shake

nasi ulam ayam bakar..camtuh kot nama dia
not bad. selalu i tak makan serai² ni..but ni ok pulak ke sebab lapar

Sigh..again tak dapat nak beli anything. If ada cash takde pulak mood shopping cuba kalau takde cash macam2 nak beli. So pulang dgn tangan kosong. Balik terus fetch Mika and had tea at mom's. My 2 cousins came with cake and sambal ikan bilis and we topped up with goreng pisang. Sambal ikan bilis bila makan dengan roti kosong memang tak boleh nak stop!

Lastly, a photo of this kid yang sibuk je suruh snap his photo...

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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Weekend is here

Otw to in-laws now for lunch. Not sure what's the plan next. We don't have specific plan for this long weekend except for relaxing with the loved ones. Have a great long weekend!

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Friday, January 20, 2012

I like :)

I think Abah has done a great job designing this fish pond. The workers too deserve a big round of applause for doing a great job in completing this project. With Umi's personal touch, walllaa..beautiful :) lepas ni penat la masing2 dok monitor mika dan aariq supaya tak terjun atau terterjun dlm pond ni. Must br careful and alert. Kecik2 ni kena la monitor, tunggu besar nanti mereka buat apa kat sini.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Deja vu

Terjumpa this old entry when Mika was 2-mth-old. That's why I said macam deja vu :) Bezanya, I was 3 yrs younger back then. See..berguna jugak blog ni..boleh tengok progress Mika and Aariq, Of course not comparing la more like a benchmark. So far macam lebih kurang. To see Aariq's one, click here. Aariq, I'm sorry..yours macam sangat ringkas. When mommy got time, nanti mommy blog more bout your progress. I miss the moment masa stay kat apartment dulu. Now merasa la if I kat bawah, Aariq kat atas then dia nangis ke..naik turun tangga berpuluh kali. Will take that as an exercise.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

New me

I've changed my hairstyle today (hopefully one day I don't have to worry bout hairstyle anymore if you got what I mean..) Dah rimas rambut panjang sbb I bukan ikat pon so gamble je la potong pendek. Selalu pergi hair saloon dkt Subang but I found a new one now dekat PH itself. Tak perlu pergi jauh dah dan sgt comfortable with the saloon. The ppl pon friendly and price pon reasonable. Boleh je nak drive sendiri tadi but since hubby dah WFH, suruh dia hantar. Aariq I send to mom's. Semangat sikit la kot nak naik kerja.

Before. Dah tak terurus dah rambut

Now..lama dah tak rambut pendek. Gamble je la.

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2 mth old checkup

Brought Aariq for his 2 mth old checkup yesterday. Current weight is 6.1kg and about 58cm long. Semangat jugak badan kamu yer, takpe la asalkan sihat. Then amik 1st round of hepatitis jab + rotavirus first dose. We did not bring Mika this time. Lepas jab, doc suruh bagi ubat demam just in case. So far dia ok, lets hope everything ok la. Macam deja vu je sebab same hospital, same doctor..except different baby je. Ni pon rupa seakan-akan sama Mika. Baru je complete ambil all jabs for Mika last year and now the cycle is starting again. OK, next one tunggu 2 atau 3 tahun lagi..hmhm..ada ke next? :D Some pics frm the visit.

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Monday, January 16, 2012

Monday blues

Duduk rumah pon ada blues..sila percaya. Pffttt..dah otw dah pon then patah balik. Aariq and I dah siap ni takkan duduk rumah je kot?

Cerita dia begini. Hubby sent his car for service this morning then plan I fetch dia and while waiting for his car siap, boleh la round gi mall ke, makan ke..then I pon bersunggh2 mandi siapkan Aariq. Letak dlm carrier, masukkan dia dlm kereta then gerak la. Baru je smpai traffic light hubby call ckp his car dah siap. Part nak fetch tuh I dont mind but part bersiap and rushing then kena patah balik tuh yang tension. Sigh..apa la nasib. So now I dont know nak keluar ke duduk rumah ke. It aint easy to go out with a baby tagging along and alone pulak tuh. Banyak prepration and whatnots. Try la then you will understand. Nak maid pls. Wanna cool off jap *pandang Aariq*

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

All about Mika

Free ke saya nak update banyak2 ni..not really but I have things to say but no one is available to listen to my nonsense hence blog la solution nya. Mika skrg lebih close to hubby as compare to before his baby brother ada. Kalau dulu sikit-sikit mommy, apa pon mommy but since I delivered Aariq, he's closer to hubby. Ye la time I kat hospital and confinement dia banyak outing with hubby je which is good la, father son bonding. Eventhough still ada lagi nak mommy nak mommy but daddy can take over if mommy is busy with adik. I do miss the 'mommy-mika' moment and sometimes I wish that I could spend time with him alone..but I know his daddy is still the best companion to go out with.

That day when I fetched him from his nursery, he was sleeping. So kena la angkat dia kan..I could not do that. Tak terdaya nak angkat..rasa macam what kind of mom tak boleh angkat anak sendiri. Mak Su (bbsitter's sister who is also one of the bbsitters) yang tolong angkatkan. Either he's too heavy for me or I ni tak kuat. Since dah ada adik, Mika nampak so matured. Boleh tolong macam2 and suddenly dia macam dah besar and smart too. So proud of him sebab after almost 3 yrs alone now ada adik, he can cope well though ada la tantrum here and there but manageable. Must make an effort for 'mommy-mika' time. Daddy duduk rumah pulak jaga Aariq but..can I handle him alone? If dia tantrum suruh angkat macam mana..huhu. Well, kena try la kan. Now nak tido pon, hubby boleh tidokan..dulu memang I since dia kecik lagi. He adapts well to changes and mommy will pray for the best for you and Aariq. Love you both equally :)

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Friday, January 13, 2012

zharief aariq is 2 months old!

Alhamdulillah Zharief Aariq is two months old today. We are supposed to go to CA petang tadi for his jab but hubby suddenly got work. Appointment is now being postponed to next Tuesday. I dah siap fetch Mika early from nursery sebab nak bawak dia sekali but tak jadi pulak. So we spent the evening at mom's sebab hubby got to go to the office and he got department dinner that night.

At two months old, Aariq dah boleh nampak objects also recognise voice..mommy's especially. If dia nak milk dia boleh bagi sign macam letak tangan dekat mulut then he can smile or at least bila cakap2 or buat silly face dia ada la feedback. Takde la mommy sorang2 excited. Color kulit pon dah bertukar dari merah ke cerah sikit. Berat next tuesday baru weigh. Masa one month dulu, berat 4.72kg naik about 1.6kg from birth weight. Tak kisah la kan, janji sihat :)

my two month old

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

School van

Boring punya pasal maka terjadi la ini.

Hari ni first time Mika naik school van. I monitor dr jauh je. Duduk dalam kereta dan tgk dia naik turun van. From his school to nursery tak jauh, seberang taman and the whole process ada la dlm 10 min. Patut semalam dah naik but dia nampak hubby terus menangis nak naik kereta.

nampak tak van? dropping off Mika at his nursery

Dah sesuatu telah berlaku masa I dok monitor tuh. Tiba2 teremo sorang2. Sedih benar tgk dia naik turun van sendiri. Huwaaaa...sejak Mika school ni hati cepat terasa. Rasa all mommies yg first time anak sekolah sure rasa tak? Face it Eeja..Mika tu dah besar. Okkk.. :)
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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Nothing much

We went to IOI mall after fetching Mika frm nursery yesterday. Nak cari swimming trunk for Mika sebab the existing one yang bodysuit dah kecik (isshh..padahal boleh pakai till 4yrs old). He got swimming class on Wednesday tapi tak tahu la dia nak join ke tak sebab budak ni kan takut air. Apa laa..masa I at his age dulu pantang nampak air. Sampai nangis2 kalau tak dpt mandi. My parents rajin bwk pergi waterfall, pool and beach. I cannot really swim tp suka berendam. Must bring Mika to the pool more often. Aariq pon dah boleh once his head dah stable. Eh nak cite apa td..ermmm..had dinner there dan tu je kot. Heh, entry takde motif ni. Here are some photos captured yesterday.

dapat pow ultraman lagi

aariq duduk diam je dalam stroller

stroller is officially aariq's
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