Monday, December 31, 2012

au revoir 2012!

  • Maternity leave for the 2nd time
  • Mika went to school, big boy already
  • End of maternity leave. Started work early this month
  • New boss to report to..actually reporting back to my former boss
  • Got ourselves a maid
  • Aariq's aqiqah & cukur jambul held at mom's
  • Mika refused to go to the daycare. Started to stay at home together with the maid and Aariq. It was about time too as the maid already had two months to familiarise herself with Aariq
  • Transition went well though Mika refused the maid at first
  • Achik (mom's brother) passed away. Al-Fatihah to arwah
  • Aariq started on solid food at 5.5 mths old
  • Mika's first sport day..I'm so proud of him!
  • My BIL got married at end of May
  • We made a trip to Kedah and short getaway to Penang after that without Aariq. He was still so small to travel and mommy needed some vacation too
  • Aariq 
  • 5 years anniversary and one night stay at Hard Rock Hotel, Penang :)
  • Busy with BIL's reception at Bkt Mahkota
  • My brother's birthday
  • Ellie's bridal shower
  • Aariq's first raya
  • Ellie's solemnisation and wedding at Bahau
  • Reporting to another new boss, very cool boss I must say
  • Ellie's reception here on both bride and groom side
  • Abah's birthday
  • Galaxy S3 is now mine..and hubby too
  • Mika's first concert. Mommy shed proud of you
  • Surprise birthday party for me and Nana. Thanks duts, love you all!
  • Aariq's birthday and a small celebration with the loved ones
  • Traveled to JB for a wedding and spent 2 nights there
  • WKAP Annual Event held at Sunway Lagoon. The best event of all 
  • Zira's birthday
  • Karoke session with the Duts - a surprise one for Zira too
  • Umi's birthday
  • Mika's birthday and celebrated it with the loved ones

2012 is a great year, Alhamdulillah. Mika starts school and welcoming Aariq are the main highlights of the year.  With Mika, he had his first sports day, first concert, first teacher..basically everything is new for him and us. And there's Aariq. He was in my tummy last year and this year we witness him reaching for his milestone and got to see him making his first actions. Alhamdulillah for this great year with my precious ones family and friends and hope for many more years to come. Au revoir 2012! 

Saturday, December 29, 2012

kids' time

I managed to renew my IC today. Pergi sendiri to JPN, Shah Alam sebab hubby ada bola and no Mika this time. Kejap rupanya..ambil number dan lepas 3 org, dah sampai my turn. So lesson learnt la..if anything, better pergi Shah Alam punya branch. Biar jauh sikit tapi selesa sebab banyak counter. Orang pon tak ramai. The rest of the day was spent with entertaining the kids. Perfect Saturday :)

just woke up..main botol susu pulak
time manja with mika..camni la baik
dah start geram ngan mika..tarik rambut 
top ones jejari tembam mika
bottom ones aariq pulak take cool je letak tangan atas lutut then tulis 
mata basah..baru nangis la usual la mika ni..ada je tak kena
i hope it's just a phase..takpe la give him time..dia baru je 4 yr old

Friday, December 28, 2012

apple of my eyes

Came back from work to this..every morning and evening I memang suruh bibik bawak the kids jalan² depan rumah for fresh air. Sometimes bibik suap Aariq makan sekali. Weather if tak panas ok la..tapi if panas sgt, dalam kawasan rumah je. Tapi keluar still keluar, cuma dalam gate. Rimas kot terkurung je dalam rumah. Time ni Mika dalam rumah. Dia mmg lagi suka tengok TV skrg compare to keluar. If daddy ajak keluar baru nak ikut

gangster tak saya? mulut dah la comot..gigit kang!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Happy Disney Junior Birthday

Mika made an appearance on Happy Disney Junior Birthday today. I dah submit his photo two months earlier and actually it's on first come first serve basis. Tengah elok tengokTV with him and mom, tiba² keluar la Happy Birthday song tuh..mmg alert sikit sebab dia tak inform anything pon but if ada luck ada la dia keluar. Elok sampai last, tiba² ada pic dia. When he saw it..senyum je sebab dapat see himself on his fav channel. His expression was priceless :)

this one I view at the website
the photo submitted :)

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

hari duduk rumah

I took Monday off saja la sebab Tuesday kan public holiday. So dah off tuh, pergi JPN to renew my IC (change to new add). Pagi tuh pergi bawak Mika but the one in Puchong branch crowded sangat. Ambil number then pergi breakfast. Back from breakfast still ada 40 orang lagi kot so hubby said send Mika first sebab we all nak keluar after that. Fetched bibik and Aariq and sent them all to mom's. Kalau kerja ok la they all duduk rumah tapi sebab me and hubby nak berdating, macam tak best je nak leave them all by themselves. Bila sampai JPN balik dah terlepas number. Memang frust sangat² sebab nak renew ic is one of the main objectives kan. We went and watched The Hobbit. Nak sedapkan hati, hubby said lepas movie pergi JPN yang dkt Shah Alam punya..okaysss..tapi penuh gaks no luck! but JPN bukak je on weekend, will come during that time la.

Then on Xmas day, tak buat apa pon. Lepak je sebab dah penat berjalan hari sebelum2 tu. So I arrangekan elok² books yang dapat as birthday presents together with the soft toys and all. Dah siap arrange ada pulak budak kecik sibuk². 

the books..macam pergi BBW pulak
Suka sebab if I pergi, sure akan borong macam ni gaks for the kids!
this boy la dok usha² time mommy clean up
dah start pegang toy kucing tu..his fav
berjaya sepahkan balik..sekejap je jadi ni 
Malaysia jersey with Mika's name and my fav number
footballers yang hot mesti pakai no. to believe it :) 
watching Sinister but Mika tak tahu pon tuh horror movie
dia elok je main depan tu 
saya anak Malaysia! 
dinner that night

Sunday, December 23, 2012

birthday celebration

We decided to hold a small birthday celebration for the kids and actually it was my mom's suggestion to do it outside. Konon nak buat dekat rumah my mom lagi but tukar venue la, easy for everyone. Event was for our close family members and we catered food pon cukup² je. Oh, the place was at Tea Pot Deli, SACC Mall. We've been here for Ellie's bridal shower last time and sebab macam senang and convenient plus food pon sedap, we chose to have it here. Alhamdulillah all went well and the most important thing is, dapat celebrate the kids' birthdays with our loved ones. At least ada la cake cutting ceremony to remember their birthdays. InsyaAllah we'll do something different in 2013. Senang anak birthday dekat², buat one shot :P Some pictures..

 with my DIY banner...

while cousins could not make it..tak cukup quorum
 missing another 4 more duts in this pic!
some of the food
we had fried rice, roasted chicken with gravy served with vege, fried chicken, lasagna, sardine roll, curry puffs, caramel pudding, pulut panggang, fries
birthday cake ordered from my sister's friend

After dah habis tu, ada one panic incident happened. We were busy packing up stuffs then Mika asked me where is bibik..then that was the last time I heard from him and I know dia pergi ikut bibik to the ladies. So tak risau la..then my mom tanya, mana Mika? I replied cakap dia ikut bibik pergi toilet..tapi macam rasa tak best so I suruh my sister pergi tengok. Bila my sister cakap dia takde, panic la semua orang. Hubby pon panic..when hubby dah panic, memang something is not good la sebab usually lelaki ni kan tak cepat panic. My mom dah sibuk² suruh my brother cari kat level atas, hubby cari kat level bawah..then I went back to the toilet just to double check with my cousin..masuk je toilet nampak dia tengah pakai seluar with bibik..Alhamdulillah..lega sangat! Time my sister tengok, dia kat dlm cubicle la tuh..that's why she said takde. Agaknya mcm tu la rasa bila orang hilang anak kan? Lesson learnt..never leave your child unattended even for few least sampai dia besar la dan boleh berfikir sendiri..Mika mika..bagi orang heart attack je kamu

Saturday, December 22, 2012

things that happened today

taken on saturday morning
muka satisfied dapat makan biskut mika
cooked these simple dishes for lunch...
with his birthday present. last yr dapat bicycle gaks but biasa punya sebab dia belum pandai cycle. more on learning how to pedal. now the bicycle dah tak balance, senget and all..this one can used up to 7 yrs old
my family - by cute

Thursday, December 20, 2012


Ahmad Mikhail Haris is 4 today! Happy birthday love. At 4, he is totally diaper-less. Malam pon no need to wear pampers anymore. Mommy is so proud of you! He's one manja boy and a smart one too. He talks like an adult and has his own way of thinking. A bit like Mommy in which if he wants something, he will make sure he gets it. Can be good and bad tapi his daddy selalu je fulfill his wishes. Daddy's boy ni. Manja benar with daddy. Anyway, mommy hopes the best for you. May Allah bless you always and be a good, bright and independent boy. Play with Aariq and jangan selalu tantrum and emo. The tantrum&emo part is definitely me :) We love you Mika!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

two gatherings in one day

For lunch, we went to Eden, KLIA for some dim sum buffet with hubby's family. I'm not into dim sum so I opted for fried rice, shared it with Mika. Not that hungry too coz just had a heavy breakfast and that time was only 11ish. That Sunday afternoon, my maid Aariq as usual la, mana nak kat orang lain except me. Plus hubby's family lagi dia tak familiar kan..well not complaining la..tapi life is so much easier when my maid is around :) Dia susah nak kat orang I la selalu kena handle dia. Anyways, we were there till 1 ish kot, then Mika nak McD pulak on the way back. 

jangan terpedaya..effect je ni from camera 360..I like!
budak kecik nak minum air
at least one thing yang boleh bagi dia duduk diam

cousins..aariq belum cukup besar nak join
adam pon baru 2 yrs old tapi dah faham la


this one pulak dinner at Victoria Station, USJ to celebrate mom's birthday

happy birthday umi!
siapa la tu with the ben 10 watch
this boy ingat dia muat lagi baby chair
see..kan dah kena tolong nak keluar