Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011..welcoming 2012 :)

I've decided to post an entry on this very last day of 2011. Every thing needs a closure even if it's a simple one including this blog of mine. So what happen to me after my last post? You see..after the last post, at 37.5 week, my second one decided to say 'Hello World', exactly the next day. It was a fast normal delivery without the help of vacuum nor Epi. As much as I wanted the Epi, I was not allowed to take one as I was already 9cm dilated when I reached the hospital.

The pain started at about 2am on that Sunday morning and I thought it was only food poisoning. Did not wake hubby up at all but I surrendered at 6am. By that time I knew that it could not be food poisoning as the pain was unbearable. I really need to go to the hospital. Called my mom and she came over with my dad to look after Mika. Reached hospital at 7.20am and was brought straight to the labour room and 1hr 20mins later the little one was born. Just like that..Alhamdulillah. Ahmad Zharief Aariq was born on 13 Nov 2011, 8.41am :) Still cannot believe I am now a mommy of 2 heroes!

Confinement was a bit challenging as this time around was at my own house and I have a toddler to deal with. My mom came daily and helped me with the laundry, prepare food and managing the baby. Thanks Umi! On the last day of my confinement, decided to celebrate Mika's 3rd birthday at my parents' new house and we recited a doa selamat as they have moved to the new house couple of days before the Xmas weekend.

2011 has its ups and downs but nevertheless still a good year for me, Alhamdulillah. Wishing everyone a happy new year and may 2012 brings more happiness, love and success! May Allah bless us always :)

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