Wednesday, November 9, 2011

to-do items

That day I mentioned some to-do items kan..well..let's revisit those items :P
  • Wash baby's clothes. My idea is basuh sendiri sebab kena guna that baby detergent then send it to the laundry shop to dry. That way jimat masa nak hang and all - DONE but belum pick up lagi sebab nak siapkan tempat nak letak all those baju, to be done soon
  • Fix the baby cot sebab current state untuk baby besar :) DONE !
  • Then wash the baby carrier, rocker and whatnots DONE !
  • Arrange bilik Mika to make way for the baby cot - ON HOLD sebab ingat nak berkampung kat master bedroom dulu but dah arrange master bedroom to free up more space
  • Pack hospital bag!DONE ! baru buat semalam..
  • Also find mattress for the single bed in the maid's room - DONE !

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