Friday, November 11, 2011

still here

Hellooo..I'm still here and no..haven't deliver yet. As you can see from the ticker di sebelah kanan itu, I'm already in my 37th weeks and 19 days to far, macam ok. Tapi bila dah nak malam tuh penat semacam also kalau jalan lama-lama cam tak selesa but walking is good kan? Also not to mention stairs :) Kat office macam ramai orang dah tanya bila I nak cuti..honestly I pon tak tau. If possible, I nak kerja sampai Friday next week. Cuma I ada annual leave to clear so I might start cuti dah next Thursday. A lot of handover to be done and to brief Acting TL also assistant on tasks to do during my absence. Thank God ada lah orang dalam team yang boleh diharap, so takde la I risau sangat bila takde nanti. Preparation wise, macam mostly dah prepare except I kena repack my hospital bag, try to minimise stuffs and this weekend mmg all out to check against the checklists. Nervous? Memang sangat. Though ada experience tapi of course lain kan every delivery. It helps la sebab you got basic knowledge on what to expect tapi nervous, takut tuh semua tetap ada. Hoping for the best, InsyaAllah. Talking about baby kan..I just got news last Tuesday that one of my gurls is expecting..AGAIN! Congrats dear, Alhamdulillah. Last time when I delivered Mika, she was pregnant too and delivered in June the following year. This time around pon macam sama :) Our kids memang macam selang² tahun. Dah la gynae pon sama :) Happy for you girl! Almost 5.30pm..time to go back dah. Bye!

mika posing with his tools..mintak duit kat Tok Bah to buy this last Sunday

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