Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday and alone

It's saturday and raining. Hubby pagi-pagi dah keluar for his soccer game but sempat la he bought me and his son bfast. Then mom called around 8 ajak bfast and wanted to take mika out. No to bfast but yes to the later one. Mika followed his grandparents to shah alam. Dapat la i hang and fold baju in peace sambil layan drama kat 105. Touching jugak la that drama. Then back from shah alam mom and bro nak pergi seremban to take some stuffs from my cousin, Mika nak ikut. Sure, no problem. More of me time but i have to admit that i'm not use to this kind of silence. Sunyi je rasa. Baju semua dah fold but i masih lagi tak bergerak nak arrange. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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