Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam aidiladha

Salam aidiladha :) this yr beraya dekat putra heights, home sweet home. Pagi raya pergi rumah umi, had bfast there lagi sng sbb mom order food je tapi sesedap food makcik tu, still nothing can beat mom's kuah kacang dan rendang. Reason kenapa tak beraya di kg sbb i dont think i can travel dah, plus my aunt&uncle are away at Mekah. My cousins and grandma semua ada sini. At about 10ish we excused ourselves then balik i sempat buat another round of laundry. Tak buat apa after that lepak sampai after Zohor and headed to alamanda, saja jln. My dad ada bagi mika some cash pg tadi sebab dia ckp nak beli tool. Dpt la dia tool kat toys r us and had lunch dekat the chicken rice shop. Bila la empire nak bukak ni..dkt sikit toys r us. The one in ioi kecik je. Did nothing much in the evening. Hubby is leaving for alor star tomorrow morning, flight at 7pm coz my BIL nak engage esok. My in laws dah gerak dah this morning after solat raya. Again, i'm not fit nak travel so have to miss this one. If my BIL happens to read this, congrats BIL and future fiance! On the other hand, dah start miss hubby dah (eh poyo je). Lama tak separate ni. Walaupon it's only for a day..tapi things will not be the same without him around. I guess now i mcm clingy mode sikit tambah2 mika sgt mengada skrg. I hope dia behave esok. Ok, nak pergi tgk The Walking Dead..gdnite!

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