Monday, November 7, 2011

7th november

Hubby still tak balik lg. He decided to park his car at LCCT coz its cheaper to drive rather than taking the taxi. My day tired! I didnt do much pon, early morning ingat nak cari bfast then as soon as i left the house boleh pulak hujan lebat, tiba2 je. Mission cari bfast fail then sbb public hol so takde org jual pon. Detour to mom's and i made french toast there for mika while i had leftover from semlm. After that balik rumah and i managed to wash the new crib set, towels, crib sheets and some other stuffs and that was the finale, semua sudah selamat dibasuh dan cuaca panas pulak. Mom and sis fetched me at noon coz we wanted to have lunch at Cozy Corner. Off we went and by the time sampai rumah dah 2 plus. Mika pulak behaved well! Berbeza sungguh if his daddy is around. Dia buat hal sendiri je, tengok Toy Story and also Rio. Just i penat sikit time nak kena mandi dan siapkan dia, usually hubby will do that. Later in the evening i went to mom's again sebab boring la kat rumah but balik just before gelap. Just watched Hell's Kitchen and now nak tido dah kot. In a way thank God sbb tak ikut coz hubby ckp jam teruk kat ipoh. I yg tak buat apa sgt today pon cam cramp2 perut imagine travel. Working day tomorrow, nite!

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