Sunday, November 13, 2011

the day when...

I just realised that I did not upload any photos on Aariq's birthdate. Oh did that happen? So this one below is copied and pasted from the last entry in 2011 and I added some photos inside. The orignal one can be found here.

I've decided to post an entry on this very last day of 2011. Every thing needs a closure even if it's a simple one including this blog of mine. So what happen to me after my last post? You see..after the last post, at 37.5 week, my second one decided to say 'Hello World', exactly the next day. It was a fast normal delivery without the help of vacuum nor Epi. As much as I wanted the Epi, I was not allowed to take one as I was already 9cm dilated when I reached the hospital.

The pain started at about 2am on that Sunday morning and I thought it was only food poisoning. Did not wake hubby up at all but I surrendered at 6am. By that time I knew that it could not be food poisoning as the pain was unbearable. I really need to go to the hospital. Called my mom and she came over with my dad to look after Mika. Reached hospital at 7.20am and was brought straight to the labour room and 1hr 20mins later the little one was born. Just like that..Alhamdulillah. Ahmad Zharief Aariq was born on 13 Nov 2011, 8.41am :) Still cannot believe I am now a mommy of 2 heroes!

Introducing..Ahmad Zharief Aariq

mika meeting his brother for the first time
nak tepuk² la tu
aunty ellie asking him something 
aunty zira entertaining mika 
my cousins, sister and hubby who is paying full attention to the football match on the tv! 
belang-belang day eh? 

we are four now

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Saturday and alone

It's saturday and raining. Hubby pagi-pagi dah keluar for his soccer game but sempat la he bought me and his son bfast. Then mom called around 8 ajak bfast and wanted to take mika out. No to bfast but yes to the later one. Mika followed his grandparents to shah alam. Dapat la i hang and fold baju in peace sambil layan drama kat 105. Touching jugak la that drama. Then back from shah alam mom and bro nak pergi seremban to take some stuffs from my cousin, Mika nak ikut. Sure, no problem. More of me time but i have to admit that i'm not use to this kind of silence. Sunyi je rasa. Baju semua dah fold but i masih lagi tak bergerak nak arrange. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

still here

Hellooo..I'm still here and no..haven't deliver yet. As you can see from the ticker di sebelah kanan itu, I'm already in my 37th weeks and 19 days to far, macam ok. Tapi bila dah nak malam tuh penat semacam also kalau jalan lama-lama cam tak selesa but walking is good kan? Also not to mention stairs :) Kat office macam ramai orang dah tanya bila I nak cuti..honestly I pon tak tau. If possible, I nak kerja sampai Friday next week. Cuma I ada annual leave to clear so I might start cuti dah next Thursday. A lot of handover to be done and to brief Acting TL also assistant on tasks to do during my absence. Thank God ada lah orang dalam team yang boleh diharap, so takde la I risau sangat bila takde nanti. Preparation wise, macam mostly dah prepare except I kena repack my hospital bag, try to minimise stuffs and this weekend mmg all out to check against the checklists. Nervous? Memang sangat. Though ada experience tapi of course lain kan every delivery. It helps la sebab you got basic knowledge on what to expect tapi nervous, takut tuh semua tetap ada. Hoping for the best, InsyaAllah. Talking about baby kan..I just got news last Tuesday that one of my gurls is expecting..AGAIN! Congrats dear, Alhamdulillah. Last time when I delivered Mika, she was pregnant too and delivered in June the following year. This time around pon macam sama :) Our kids memang macam selang² tahun. Dah la gynae pon sama :) Happy for you girl! Almost 5.30pm..time to go back dah. Bye!

mika posing with his tools..mintak duit kat Tok Bah to buy this last Sunday

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

to-do items

That day I mentioned some to-do items kan..well..let's revisit those items :P
  • Wash baby's clothes. My idea is basuh sendiri sebab kena guna that baby detergent then send it to the laundry shop to dry. That way jimat masa nak hang and all - DONE but belum pick up lagi sebab nak siapkan tempat nak letak all those baju, to be done soon
  • Fix the baby cot sebab current state untuk baby besar :) DONE !
  • Then wash the baby carrier, rocker and whatnots DONE !
  • Arrange bilik Mika to make way for the baby cot - ON HOLD sebab ingat nak berkampung kat master bedroom dulu but dah arrange master bedroom to free up more space
  • Pack hospital bag!DONE ! baru buat semalam..
  • Also find mattress for the single bed in the maid's room - DONE !

Monday, November 7, 2011

7th november

Hubby still tak balik lg. He decided to park his car at LCCT coz its cheaper to drive rather than taking the taxi. My day tired! I didnt do much pon, early morning ingat nak cari bfast then as soon as i left the house boleh pulak hujan lebat, tiba2 je. Mission cari bfast fail then sbb public hol so takde org jual pon. Detour to mom's and i made french toast there for mika while i had leftover from semlm. After that balik rumah and i managed to wash the new crib set, towels, crib sheets and some other stuffs and that was the finale, semua sudah selamat dibasuh dan cuaca panas pulak. Mom and sis fetched me at noon coz we wanted to have lunch at Cozy Corner. Off we went and by the time sampai rumah dah 2 plus. Mika pulak behaved well! Berbeza sungguh if his daddy is around. Dia buat hal sendiri je, tengok Toy Story and also Rio. Just i penat sikit time nak kena mandi dan siapkan dia, usually hubby will do that. Later in the evening i went to mom's again sebab boring la kat rumah but balik just before gelap. Just watched Hell's Kitchen and now nak tido dah kot. In a way thank God sbb tak ikut coz hubby ckp jam teruk kat ipoh. I yg tak buat apa sgt today pon cam cramp2 perut imagine travel. Working day tomorrow, nite!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Salam aidiladha

Salam aidiladha :) this yr beraya dekat putra heights, home sweet home. Pagi raya pergi rumah umi, had bfast there lagi sng sbb mom order food je tapi sesedap food makcik tu, still nothing can beat mom's kuah kacang dan rendang. Reason kenapa tak beraya di kg sbb i dont think i can travel dah, plus my aunt&uncle are away at Mekah. My cousins and grandma semua ada sini. At about 10ish we excused ourselves then balik i sempat buat another round of laundry. Tak buat apa after that lepak sampai after Zohor and headed to alamanda, saja jln. My dad ada bagi mika some cash pg tadi sebab dia ckp nak beli tool. Dpt la dia tool kat toys r us and had lunch dekat the chicken rice shop. Bila la empire nak bukak ni..dkt sikit toys r us. The one in ioi kecik je. Did nothing much in the evening. Hubby is leaving for alor star tomorrow morning, flight at 7pm coz my BIL nak engage esok. My in laws dah gerak dah this morning after solat raya. Again, i'm not fit nak travel so have to miss this one. If my BIL happens to read this, congrats BIL and future fiance! On the other hand, dah start miss hubby dah (eh poyo je). Lama tak separate ni. Walaupon it's only for a day..tapi things will not be the same without him around. I guess now i mcm clingy mode sikit tambah2 mika sgt mengada skrg. I hope dia behave esok. Ok, nak pergi tgk The Walking Dead..gdnite!

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Wednesday, November 2, 2011


The thing that I don't fancy at all every year is to do KPI. It will be a breeze one if the employee is good and deserves a good score but if it is the other way round, you will need to be brave to face the employee and tell him or her the truth. Sometimes they will understand but if they don't it will just be like war where both of us will be battling against each other to win. It doesnt do any good now that I'm 36 weeks pregnant..more stress perhaps? But worry no more, am almost done. Two more to go then I can relax. This week is a pretty crazy week!

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