Wednesday, October 12, 2011

u can read if you want to, entry kosong je

Pernah tak you all rasa macam one day terlebih chatty? Like so in the mood to talk tapi in my case today, I macam banyak "cakap" online la like sibuk nak comment, everything pon sibuk tolong jawabkan. From the morning I start kerja, query yang editor hantar to my team members pon, I rajin tolong explainkan. Then whatever question orang tanya, I rajin nak explain this and tak perlu kot menjadi begitu but well, today is my chatty day I guess. Nothing wrong with that kan? :D

Went to Kyros kebab for lunch and nama je kedai kebab, I had chicken chop set + chick pea salad instead. I have been refraining myself to click on any online shopping sites..not until the salary is in and I realise tak banyak pon lagi stuffs to buy. For the baby, macam dah cukup tinggal nak wash and susun elok², for myself..I still need to buy the confinement set though..last time I pakai Nonaroguy..not sure this time pakai apa. Also last time my MIL she specially made these two things..rasa memang tak sedap but the outcome macam bagus. Dia rebus ikan haruan then blend it and pack in small container size of the small dessert container, I had to take that about 3 times per day after meal. Masa minum benda tuh siap tutup² hidung dan telan macam tuh je. Kalau tak bernasib baik ada la isi ikan haruan yang tak fully blend. I dreaded myself bila nak minum benda tuh but I can say that it really helped in the healing process. Then dia buat air kunyit tak I had to drink this sekali sehari..rasa kunyit la but these 2 things mmg really help..not sure she’s going to prepare again this time. Segan pulak nak tanya..hubby pls..tolong?

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