Tuesday, October 11, 2011

post tanpa hala tujuan

Woke up today with the rythm of the falling rain..er not really actually. I baru je mandi then his daddy’s turn to shower..so I macam dengar bunyi hujan. Told Mika it’s raining outside..Mika quickly denied it and said, “tak la, itu bunyi daddy mandi” then time dia tengah "berbusiness", tiba² cakap kat I… “Mommy, go” I was like go mana..sebab dia tak nak I dekat dengan dia masa dia tengah berbusiness...pandai betul budak ni. Yang tak pandai lagi is he still on diaper. I plan nak toilet train dia by end of this year, so it’s easy when he goes to school next year. Though the teacher said, they will help him with the training but macam leceh je..hopefully by end of this year he is diaperless. Now need to google on steps to complete this mission.

The maid issue is still pending though. The man yang tolong with this maid thingy is actually the man yang buat wood carving for my mom’s old house and mom ambil his service again for the new house. He got a furniture shop at PKNS, Shah Alam dan sebab macam kenal, so it’s easy to liaise with him. Anything we can just let him know. Our target pon by Nov to get the maid..so by the time I deliver nanti, ada helper la tolong my mom. My MIL also getting one for my SIL. Hope all goes well, InsyaAllah.

On my progress pulak, I dah dalam state yang macam susah nak bergerak. I mean, slow motion sikit. Still larat nak berjalan here and there but when it comes to house chores..saya sungguh malas! Rumah pulak tak sah kalau tak bersepah, dah kemas sure bersepah balik and that lil boy of mine, susah nya dia nak ikut arahan. So like it or not, hubby pon kena la tolong. Macam semalam when we had dinner to celebrate my sister’s graduation, Mika demanded for the Ipad..so I told him.."Don’t make noise"..and dia selamba je repeat I cakap..siap dengan jari² sekali dan kalau depan his grandparents, uncle and aunty memang tak jalan la kalau kena marah pon.

Some pics from last night..Mika with his daddy je..mommy don't look good in photos anymore..cheh, macam la good sangat before this

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